Viper Helios Bakugan Vestroia Battle Brawlers

Viper Helios is an evil dragon that enjoys sending Bakugan to battle and obeys every command from the heinous Spectra. He has thorns tipped with poison covering his entire body and mammoth wings that allow him to move swiftly and avoid quick attacks from opponents. To destroy his enemies, he can shoot cannonball fire blasts with rapid speed from his mouth.

What is Bakugan?

How to Play Bakugan (with YouTube Instructions)

FAQ Bakguan (Frequently Asked Questions)

What size Bakugan are best?

Names of Bakugan (Download High Quality Free Poster)

How to Repair your Bakugan?

Online Bakugan Video Games are Here?

My Favorite Bakugan ball is…

Fake and Custom Bakugans

Upcoming Bakugan Movie

BakuSwap Bakugan Collection Part 1

BakuSwap Bakugan Collection Part 2

BakuSwap Bakugan Collection Part 3

BakuSwap Bakugan Collection Part 4

BakuClear Bakugan Collection Part 1


5 thoughts on “Viper Helios Bakugan Vestroia Battle Brawlers

  1. I am getting that bakugan but in bakusteel form HAHAHAHA I AM SO LUCKY I AM GOING TO BEAT ALL OF MY FRIENDS WITH IT YAY

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