iZOMBIE’s Gwen Dylan gets the deluxe statue treatment

Based on the designs of Michael Allred, this 9 inch statue will help you take a bite out of the world of the hit Vertigo series iZOMBIE! Phil Ramirez sculpts this uniquely designed piece, featuring protagonist Gwen Dylan. Dylan is a zombiefied grave-digger in an eco-friendly cemetery who must consume exactly one human brain a month to stave off her cravings for flesh and retain her own memory. Kind of a complicated way to live, huh? An alternate head allows you to switch between “zombie” and “human” visions of this gal. She seems normal… but she’s far from it! Preorder her now to grab her in November.

Just your average quasi-zombie gravedigger lady.

Just your average quasi-zombie gravedigger lady.

The Walking Dead – Bloody Black and White Zombie 3-Pack

That’s a mouthful!

The bloody black and white zombie 3-pack is a fantastic new addition to the Walking Dead merch collection and it’s one that real zombie fans are sure to enjoy, down to every last gory detail.

The Bicycle Girl might be the most famous of the show’s undead set, but the Well Zombie and the RV Zombie definitely gave us some memorable –and unpleasant– moments, as well. Here, they’re rendered in a classic, creepy black and white, but the blood and gore retain their colour as grisly highlights.

The Walking Dead: Black and White Zombie Box Set

If you’re a zombie fan, you’ll triple your undead goodness with this Walking Dead box set, rendered in classic black and white.

From McFarlane toys, you get Hannah (a.k.a. Bicycle Girl), the well zombie and the RV zombie. Each one features truly grisly detail, some charming accessories and a wee bit of articulation– you can’t blame ’em not being too flexible, really. They’re dead.


With a hood and tools bloodied from her encounters with the walking dead, MICHONNE comes to us direct from the San Diego Comic Con.

Armed with a katana and some unlikely (and sort of likely) tools, Michonne looks awesome as a 5-inch figure from McFarlane. While you’re waiting for Season 3 of the show to bring Danai Gurira’s take on the character, you can at least snag this toy and use it as a daily reminder of how awesome you could be if you were a little more like Michonne.

The Walking Dead – TV Series 2

The second series of Walking Dead figures based on the television show is now available for pre-order and they look just amazing. Finally, you can have the reaching BICYCLE GIRL on your desk at work, or SHANE WALSH stalking your other undead figures. Or, if you think your friend’s coffee cup looked a little too…uncontaminated, stick in a WELL ZOMBIE for good measure!

PLUS, while you’re pre-ordering, you can also snag an in-stock zombie tee from today’s Design by Humans feature.

Left 4 Dead – BOOMER Figure

Bursting at the seams, the BOOMER got its name from the way it explodes upon impact, covering the immediate area in pools of toxic bile. Just another of the pleasant little moments that makes Left 4 Dead so grotesquely fun. Now, the morbidly obese, puke-filled Boomer is available for you to take home and display on what can only be described as a very alarming toy shelf. Check him out!

Terrible, isn’t he? Part of NECA’s hugely popular Player Select line, The Boomer stands 7” tall and can be pre-ordered now! He’ll be shipping out in June of this year!

The Walking Dead: What We Can Expect From Seasons 3 And 4

Michonne from The Walking Dead

By Scott West (ScienceFiction.com)

Glen Mazzara, the showrunner for AMC’s hit show ‘The Walking Dead’ held a press conference on Tuesday to discuss the show. In that conference, Mazzara talked about Michonne’s appearance in last week’s season finale, the upcoming prison storyline, and the appearance of a new character from the comic series. (No. He wasn’t referring to Merle).

On the appearance of Michonne:

Michonne is one of the lead characters in the graphic novel. We are excited to finally introduce her. She is a loner. She is a very kickass character. She is very dynamic. We really see her as an important addition to the cast. She is a significant character, and she will be carrying a lot of the story. We are excited about her, and we are excited about Danai Gurira, who is going to play this role. We are lucky to have her, and we look forward to seeing what she does with it.

On the prison storyline and how long it will last:

Right now, I do see the prison storyline lasting through both Season 3 and 4. I do think that is a major storyline. I know we were on the farm, perhaps, longer than people wanted. There were reasons for that. What we want is for that prison to not feel claustrophobic. I think the farm played a little claustrophobic for some people. Now that the entire landscape has fallen victim to the zombie apocalypse, zombies are literally at the gates of this prison. That prison is a very small safe corner. There is a lot of danger around. It won’t feel like we are bottled up, the way we were on the farm. I do think that prison is a significant storyline, but we are also interested in opening up this world. The Governor has the world of Woodbury. There are other factors out there, other groups. I do think that Rick’s group is stumbling into a much larger world.

On characters from the comics that may appear soon:

There is a lot of great material from the comic book. This show would have to go on for twenty years to get to all of it. I think the Tyrese character is someone we are interested in introducing at some point. We still have Morgan and Dwayne, who are out there from the pilot. We are interested in them. There are new characters that will be original too the series. Not coming straight from the comic book. I think the first two seasons have served as a prologue. Now we are hitting the ground running. I see Season 3 resetting the show in terms of what I really hope to convey.

For the full interview, head over to Movieweb.

Personally, I’m excited to see that the prison story will last for a few seasons as there’s so much to explore there. And, even though I understand Mazzara’s reasoning, I’m just glad that the group is FINALLY off of that blasted farm.

And, with the possible appearance of Tyrese, it’ll be cool to see what part T-Dog plays since he wasn’t given much to do this past season but carry stuff around. Mazzara did confront that issue in the interview and said that T-Dog will have a larger role to play in season 3.

So… what do you think? Is the prison storyline big enough to encompass two whole seasons of the show? And, with the setting confined to a single spot for two seasons, will it eventually grow stale the way that the farm did in season 2?

If you want to check out the video of cast members discussing the next season (3), you can go to the official AMC site.

Rick Grimes the Walking Dead

Are you worried that reading the comic book novel will ruin the storyline for you?  Answer is…No…if anything, it will enhance your appreciation of the TV series.  The TV series is quite different from the comic book.  The locations in the comic book are the same as they move around but the characters and storyline vary.  I highly recommend you read the comic book series (and you can pick it up at Amazon.com at a really cheap price).

The Walking Dead Compendium One Paperback


The first set of Walking Dead figures has arrived and another is on its way later this month! The set that’s already in is the COMIC version of the action figures and features Rick Grimes, Michonne, a zombie lurker and a zombie roamer. Check these out:

Each figure is about 6 inches tall and the heroes come armed to the teeth, ready to take on herds of the undead.

Later on, look for Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, a zombie walker and a zombie biter! Take a look at what’s next:

The show’s back in action and we absolutely loved the first episode of season 2, so you can definitely count on these being pretty popular with fans. Order or pre-order now!


TWO series of figures from THE WALKING DEAD are headed your way. The first is based on the comic series and the second on the adapted television series. Both of them are out later this month and can be pre-ordered now! Check these out.