iZOMBIE’s Gwen Dylan gets the deluxe statue treatment

Based on the designs of Michael Allred, this 9 inch statue will help you take a bite out of the world of the hit Vertigo series iZOMBIE! Phil Ramirez sculpts this uniquely designed piece, featuring protagonist Gwen Dylan. Dylan is a zombiefied grave-digger in an eco-friendly cemetery who must consume exactly one human brain a month to stave off her cravings for flesh and retain her own memory. Kind of a complicated way to live, huh? An alternate head allows you to switch between “zombie” and “human” visions of this gal. She seems normal… but she’s far from it! Preorder her now to grab her in November.

Just your average quasi-zombie gravedigger lady.

Just your average quasi-zombie gravedigger lady.

Dead Boomer Ultra

If you enjoy a bit of old-fashioned zombie gore, then look no further! You’ve got everything you need right here.

The Left 4 Dead BOOMER brings the vile, explosive, undead behemoth to…well, we can’t say “life”, can we? He’s about 7 inches tall, comes apart (you love it!) and looks as repulsively awful as L4D fans would want.

Left 4 Dead – THE SMOKER

So named for the coughing and rasping–and possibly a habit he had when alive– the Smoker is one of the most repulsive zombies in Left4Dead. And trust anyone who’s played: that’s saying a lot. So it’s good to know that if your display shelf needs a bit of ugly, we’ve got the solution from NECA.

Standing about 9 inches tall, he’s an intimidating figure, but one who boasts incredible detail. Every tongue or tongue-like appendage. Every boil and tumour. Even the half-face that creepily reminds you that this was once a normal person. It’s a great addition to any collection.

GI JOE: 2012, Wave 1

Shipping later this month, Lifeline, Law & Order, Airtight, Sci-Fi and Zombie Viper are the fourth wave of the 2012 line of 3.75-inch G.I. Joe action figures. They come with weapons and accessories and feature some great articulation. If you’re looking to stage some epic adventures from the G.I. Joe Universe, then be sure to snag these guys individually or as a set!