MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: Mer-Man Reissue and More!

Over in out Masters of the Universe section, we’ve got a bunch of new figures and among them is this brand new Exclusive Mer-Man Reissue

And if he’s not enough, here are the items that we haven’t gotten in-stock yet, but which can now be pre-ordered if you’re a MOTU fan!


EXCLUSIVE TRAP-JAW (September 2010)


But of course, those are only three figures being added to the huge collection we already have. If you’re looking for the likes of He-Man, Skeletor, Wun-Dar, Zodac or any other members of the extensive MOTU cast, click the logo below to see what we’ve got on offer!

Master of the Universe Exclusive Figures (MOTU)

All Dressed Hamburger

What kind of food goes well with Master of the Universe Action Figures? We have a pretty good selection of MOTU Exclusive Figures (from MattyCollector) and I was eating my burger thinking what kind of toy would compliment my meal.

Who is Zodac from He-Man Master of the Universe?

Zodac is a cosmic being, serving neither good nor evil. He has helped He-Man many more times than Skeletor, because so often Skeletor upsets the cosmic balance. One time, Zodac revealed the Talon Fighter to He-Man which just proves my theory. Only once has Zodac helped Skeletor. Much of the confusion regarding Zodac is based on the figure’s package, he was labeled “evil,” although his actions show that label to be inaccurate.

Yes, I feel good eating my burger with this figure by my side. It compliments the meal….it completes me!

Zodac Master of the Universe

Mer-Man Master of the Universe MOTUWe also have other Master of the Universe He-Man Figures. If I was eating Fish N Chips, I would whip out my Exclusive Mer-Man Figure. Hey this one is a no-brainer! Here is a list of some other Exclusive Master of the Universe MOTU figures that were released by MattyCollector…I will have to let you determine what type of food goes with each figure:

Masters Of The Universe Classics Action Figure Exclusive: He-Man

Masters of the Universe Action Figure: Exclusive Stratos

Masters Of The Universe Classics Action Figure Exclusive: Skeletor

Masters Of The Universe Classics Action Figure Exclusive: Beastman

Master of the Universe MOTU Logo
What is “Masters of the Universe”?

“Masters of the Universe” (MOTU) is a cartoon based on action figures by Mattel, Inc. and was animated by the now-defunct Filmation. The syndicated show, which featured the exploits of a super-strong hero named He-Man, debuted in Sept. 1983, and throughout the course of 2 seasons, aired 130 episodes. “Masters of the Universe” also goes down in marketing history as being the first cartoon of the ’80s to be based on an action figure line after FCC deregulation. Thank God for De-Regulation!

He-Man I have the Power