3 big ways Drake is actually a Marvel superhero

The funny thing about Drizzy is that there are few who are just indifferent to him. There exists a general trend wherein one finds themselves on one side or another of the polarizing Aubrey Graham Affection Spectrum* — you could be the type to have amassed his entire discography, have made a pillow cover from your “Would You Like a Tour?” concert tee, and have thought about how you’re going to propose to your significant other with that obscure track from So Far Gone. Or you’re the one who constantly mocks any and all of your Drake-listening male friends with borderline homophobic slurs, re-posted and/or liked all of those Degrassi memes when they came out, and insists upon self-righteously proclaiming to the rest of the world that you listen to ~real music~, which could be anything from De La Soul to Slayer for you, really. (A rare exception to these two sides is the Girl with the Drake Tattoo, who is just on another level that no one should attempt to reach. Ever.)

Fine, fine. So we exaggerate. And really, it’s okay if you’re not partial to Our Lord and Savior Drizzus Christ’s sonic offerings. They’re not to everybody’s liking. But can we deny the fact that, if certain actions of his are carefully inspected, he could essentially kind of be a Marvel superhero?



Hear us out.

1. Drake’s full of witty banter like Deadpool.

One of the most telltale characteristics of the red-suited Marvel anti-hero and mercenary is the clever badinage that he seemingly effortlessly taunts his victims with right in the thick of combat. We’re in on the joke with him, but the bad guys are just too dumb to get it — or they’re just preoccupied at that moment with hanging on to their lives by a thread. Much like ‘pool, Drake is known for his cheeky wordplay and onstage charisma, simultaneously flirting with his audience while decrying his “haters”. With some of the most topsy-turvy verbals in today’s R&B and hip hop (“Tell me, can we kick it like Ali Shaheed and Phife Dawg / People really hate when a backpack rapper get rich and start livin’ that life, dog”), he’s the author of now-infamous phrases embedded into the social consciousness (see: “YOLO”, for which he has apologized, and “0 to 100”, the cry of bucket-hat-clad dudes everywhere). He’s adept, to say the least. I wonder if he or Deadpool would win in a rap battle?


Source: perezhilton.com

Source: perezhilton.com


2. Like Blade, Drake comes from two different worlds.
The vampire-human hybrid Blade is renowned for possessing all of the strengths of the two vastly different facets of his background — and none of the weaknesses, possessing immunity to both silver and sunlight. Pretty rad. Drake, on the other hand, was born to an African-American father and a Jewish-Canadian mother, a heritage that has been explored both his lyrics and public comments. His mixed identity has thus made him to be a kind of super-human, possessing intimate knowledge of the experiences of being part of both and yet belonging to none. It’s allowed him to put forth discourse on race, class and gender that no other rapper has had the authority to do just yet. Although there exists a catch, of course. Blade has to constantly fight off his bloodlust. And Drake has to constantly fight off the malaise that comes from never knowing exactly who he is. But without that inner crisis, we wouldn’t have four albums of recorded feelz set to impeccable beatz, so it all evens out.
Tell 'em. Source: rebloggy.com

Tell ’em. Source: rebloggy.com

3. Drake, like Professor Charles Xavier, created a posse that defined their careers.
The Professor is a hero in his own right because of his key role in bringing together human-mutant hybrids for the pursuit of good in the form of the X-Men. He could have used his superior intellect to do whatever he wanted with the world, but he decided to gather with others and establish a movement. October’s Very Own or the OVO crew is an amalgamation of Drizzy’s childhood pals, affiliated producers and artists signed to his OVO Sound label. Drake is anything but shy about his love and affection for the entourage, even penning the anthem “Crew Love” in honor of their bond, and irreverently proclaiming one of his life philosophies and now-Millennial-epithet in “No New Friends”. Although Drake technically hasn’t been tasked with officially assembling superhero allies in the fight against evil, it could be argued that he is engaged in a battle against the traditional gangsta-rap façade of showing only tough hip-hop bravado without letting spill any of the manly emotions that lurk underneath. And he brought 13 of his boys with him to do the dirty work.
Source: moviepilot.com

Source: moviepilot.com


There you have it — very, very reputable proof that Drake is, indeed, a Marvel superhero. Do you agree? Leave us a comment below!


Source: uproxx.com

Source: uproxx.com


* definitely a real scientific science developed by sciencey scientists.


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X-Men: First Class Movie

X-Men First Class Comic Book CoverYes…the next X-Men movie is still casting. I will post more info on the casting once it has been finalized. I can’t wait to see who plays the White Queen (rumor is Alice Eve…from the recent feel good geek movie: She’s out of my League).  In the meantime, you can take a quick read below for the storyline of the movie…..


Charles Xavier and Erik Magnus Lensherr met as young men in the 1960s at Oxford University. Xavier received doctorates in theology and philosophy with post-graduate work in International Development Studies at the U.N.

Xavier was a wealthy son of English gentry and had studied at Eton, excelling in physics, calculus, and chemistry as well as captaining the school’s lacrosse team. Lensherr was the son of a Jewish physician in Germany pre-WWII. His parents and nearly all extended family were gassed by Nazi death squads at Auschwitz. Lensherr’s mutant ability to control metal via magnetic manipulation allowed him to break out of a cattle stock car and escape to France where he served briefly in the guerrilla resistance. After the Allies stormed the beaches at Normandy, Lensherr volunteered to act as an interpreter for British Intelligence (he spoke French, German, English, and Hebrew) as liberated Jews were re-located to the fledgling country, Trans-Jordan (now Israel). Impressed by his linguistics, Lensherr was awarded a scholarship to study at Oxford, where he met a charismatic young Xavier.

The two students became fast friends, based on respect for each other’s intellects, while maintaining a rivalry on politics, ethics, and religion. In 1965, Xavier revealed his psychic powers by manipulating student uprisings via peaceful means. Lensherr was intrigued by the possibilities of controlling other people’s minds, while Xavier asserted a universal Right to Free Will. Through a clandestine operation funded by Britain’s MI5 and the CIA, Xavier & Lensherr opened the first School of Mutant Resources to study the new phenomena of “homo superior”–humans with a mutant “X” gene, which enabled preternatural powers. Among the first students to enroll were Scott Summers (Cyclops,) Hank McCoy (Beast,) Jean Grey (Phoenix,) Aurora Munroe (Storm,) Raven Darkholme (Mystique,) Mortimer Toynbee (Toad) and Emma Frost (White Queen).

Rival factions surfaced as half of the students empathized with Xavier’s dream of peaceful co-existence with humans vs Lensherr’s belief that humans were inferior and deserved slavery. These ideals started to solidify as more human civilians became aware of mutant-kind and generally reacted with fear and hatred.

Meanwhile, the U.S. military began its own black-ops program titled “Weapon X” capturing and brainwashing powerful mutants to serve as alternatives to nuclear or chemical programs. Xavier and Lensherr designed and built Cerebro in a secret, underground facility in Westchester, New York in order to track “wild mutants” i.e. mutants who did not know they had powers or how to control them. Again, Xavier hoped these new mutants could be trained for (and would choose) peace, while Lensherr maintained a more aggressive stance. After an angry xenophobic mob killed a young mutant boy, who had developed gills and webbed fingers, Lensherr struck back against the perpetrators, “outing” himself by causing metal garden tools to fly through the air and impale 4 people. He then began calling himself MAGNETO and urged his students/followers to take on a code name reflecting their individual powers.  Chasing Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants to a secret base in the middle of Antarctica, Xavier and his followers (now calling themselves X-Men) sought to extradite Magneto to the United States’, Guantanamo prison, but in the battle Magneto used a shard of metal to sever Xavier’s spinal cord, leaving him paralyzed. Using the combined powers of Cerebro, Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and himself, Xavier wiped the collective memory of mutant-kind from 99% of humans on Earth. However, Colonel William Stryker used an adamantium shield to preserve his own memories and secretly took over Weapon X’s training facilities (located underneath Alkali Lake in British Colombia) and wild mutants for his own purposes. *Note: Magneto also created a helmet to shield his brain from Xavier’s control.

Alice Eve cast as White Queen