Baby, I can see your Halo: New series of five-inch figures from McFarlane

Since 2001, the Halo series has titillated the gaming community, and with good reason! A total of 13 releases for a range of systems up until 2017 is quite the accomplishment for a first-person shooter conglomerate. So let’s celebrate the awesomeness (and the upcoming 2016 game) with the Halo 5: Guardians Master Chief, part of the first series of five-inch figures based on the Microsoft creation.

McFarlane has fashioned these new figures in realistic detail, just as they will appear on your screen next year. Apart from the Chief, you can choose from Spartan LockeSpartan Athlon, Spartan Tanaka, Spartan Fred and Spartan Kelly.

Baby, I can see your Halo.

Fifth time’s the charm.


Halo 4’s KNIGHT is now available as an oversized action figure from McFarlane!

Accompanied by the deadly Scattershot, a bastardized shotgun, this Knight also includes a devastating energy blade. Plus, if you’re a collector of Halo action figures and you’ve already purchased a


If you’re looking to get your Gears of War turning, then grab this brutal Butcher’s Cleaver, a replica weapon you almost certainly need if you’re entering into an alien war. It’s a full 36 INCHES LONG, too, so you’ll even have the reach.

An insanely detailed foam replica of the Cleaver as seen in the new Gears of War game. Sure to be a popular melee weapon, the Cleaver is 3 feet in length and features a detailed diamond plate textured handle. Pretend you’re a Butcher Boomer or the heroic Marcus Fenix as you hold this mighty replica in your hands! Made of highly durable polyurethane foam, hand painted with battle worn deco!

Where to buy Skylanders Toys?

Buy Skylanders

There are several places to buy Skylanders in USA and Canada.   If you are lucky, you can pick them up at Toys R Us and Walmart in North America.  In Canada, it has been spotted at Best Buy and Future Shop as well.   The best place to buy them would be online from Amazon as it is more reliable than eBay.

You can also buy them online from

Dragon's Peak - Sunburn - Winged Boots - Sparx Dragonfly

FEZ – Change Your Perspective

There’s a new old-school game making waves this week. Check it out!

From USA Today:

It’s been a very long road for Polytron Corporation, the independent studio behind Xbox Live Arcade title Fez, out today.

As chronicled in the film Indie Game: The Movie, its creator spent several years crafting Fez, struggling through difficult early demos and legal action threatening the game’s release.

Thankfully for video game players, Fez was well worth the wait. It’s a charming puzzle game delivered in a beautiful retro package.

Inspired by classic Nintendo Entertainment System titles such as Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda, Fez follows lead character Gomez living inside a two-dimensional universe.

Suddenly, he discovers his world contains a third dimension, and sets off to learn more with the help of a magical Fez he wears on his head.

Fez hearkens back to classic video games with its pixelated lead character and environments and whimsical music.

The game breaks down into a series of levels suspended in mid-air and presented on a 2-D plane. However, players can rotate these levels by 90-degree increments using the left and right triggers.

So, while Fez is very much a platformer that requires players to jump to the next ledge, the puzzle elements involve manipulating the perspective of a level to find that next platform to jump to or door to open. Gomez can also jump, pick up and grab objects. The game mechanics are reminiscent of the PlayStation 3 title echochrome.

Fragments of large cubes are scattered throughout the world that Gomez collects. Each formed cubes opens new levels to explore and pushes Gomez one step closer to unlocking more details about this third dimension.

The concept of Fez is both simple and surprisingly soothing. There are no enemies to kill. If a player misses a jump and falls, they are immediately placed back at their last location. They simply explore this open universe, travelling to any level they choose to collect cube fragments.

Sound boring? That’s the weird thing. It’s not. The quest for cubes and new places to explore reveals other surprises. Also, the puzzles grow a bit more challenging as players press forward. It’s a very relaxing experience, yet environments are fascinating enough that you want to keep searching for that next realm to visit.

In a video game world that seems littered with sequels and online passes, it’s wonderful to see developers still embrace originality and creativity through games like Fez.