Prototype Game Play Video

prototype game

While waiting in line at Toys R Us to pay for a xBox Live points card….two kids approached me nervously.  They wanted me to be with them at the cash so they could purchase the Prototype game.   I was not sure what to do….flashback to the good ole days when I was too young to buy a blue mag.   What the heck…these kids need their fix of violence and debauchery…I was going to do it.  Stood there with them and realized these little dudes were forking over $80 (CAD) for this game (geez that is much more than the dirty rag mag I wanted as a kid).

Hit the local Blockbuster and rented the Prototype game….not bad….not great…but not bad.  Here is a video of the gameplay I found on youtube:

Neca Product Details:

Alex Mercer, an amnesiac with superhuman abilities which include increased strength, speed, and shape-shifting among others, fights his way through a dystopian New York City landscape, clashing with military forces as well as the monstrous effects of a mutated viral epidemic.

Incredibly detailed, this remarkable 7″ rendering of the genetically mutated shape-shifter will bring the game action to life in your living room.  You can purchase this action figure at:

Prototype Alex Mercer Figure

Nintendo outsells competition nearly 2 to 1 in May 2009

Nintendo DSi Black Portable Console System

Like any game geek, I purchased a Nintendo DSi and installed some homebrew and I’m lovin it.

Found an interesting Cnet article by Dave Rosenberg (June 14, 2009)

Video game sales were down by 23 percent in May, according to the latest data from NPD Group. The bright spot of the report is the ongoing domination by Nintendo, whose hardware and associated games outsold the competition by nearly 2 to 1.

As CNET’s Lance Whitney reported, “NPD blamed most of the decline on the lack of blockbuster games rather than the weak economy. The report noted that last year’s sales were boosted by the launch of popular software titles such as Grand Theft Auto IV. Nintendo’s Wii Fit also was a hot commodity in 2008.”

While there are a wealth of new games coming in 2009, including what appear to be some winners for PS3 and Xbox, Nintendo platform games made up just shy of 50 percent of the top 10 sales in May:

  1. UFC 2009 Undisputed(THQ) Xbox 360 – 679,600
  2. Wii Fit(Nintendo) Wii – 352,800
  3. EA Sports Active(EA) Wii – 345,800
  4. UFC 2009 Undisputed(THQ) PS3 – 334,400
  5. Infamous(Sony) PS3 – 175,900
  6. Pokemon Platinum(Nintendo) DS – 168,900
  7. Mario Kart(Nintendo) Wii – 158,300
  8. Punch Out!!(Nintendo) Wii – 156,900
  9. X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged(Activision) Xbox 360 – 120,700
  10. Wii Play(Nintendo) Wii – 109,800

Total Nintendo software: 1,292,500
Total other vendor software: 1,310,600

Nintendo also remains strong in the console business, with sales of the Nintendo DS and Wii nearly doubling the competition.

  • Nintendo DS: 633,500
  • Wii: 289,500
  • Xbox 360: 175,000
  • PlayStation 3: 131,000
  • PlayStation 2: 117,000
  • PSP: 100,400

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