X-23 Marvel Bishoujo Statue

X-23 looks beautiful and deadly in this new Marvel Bishoujo figure:

From KOTOBUKIYA, this Marvel figure is part of the Japanese line combining iconic American superheroes and villains with anime style. Wolverine clone X-23 has never looked better than she does here, standing (crouching) about 6 inches tall and posed with grace and drama, her smile belying the danger of her adamantium claws.

Marvel Universe: 2011 Wave 4

Commander Steve Rogers, X-23, Darkhawk, Namor and Ultron make up the latest wave of figures from the still-growing Marvel Universe 3.75-inch Figure collection! Take a look:

Each one comes with accessories and features articulation that’s all the more impressive for the 3.75-inch scale at which the characters are rendered. As per usual, you can snag the Marvel heroes or villains individually or as a complete set.

And look out next week for the fifth wave, including Tony Stark as Iron Man, Iceman, Absorbing Man, Astonishing Wolverine and Magneto!

New Polystone Marvel Comiquettes from Sideshow

We’re being spoiled for Sideshow Comiquettes! Two new ones have arrived: The X-Force Diorama and the Silver Surfer statue. Here’s a look at both!

Warpath, Wolfsbane, Wolverine, and X-23 are united in X-Force, Cable’s crack mutant team. Wearing their signature, darkly-toned outfits, they stand at the ready, prepared to face some unseen foe. The whole thing is about 14 inches tall and features a sculpted base beneath the four figures. And if that’s not enough, it also boasts a changeable Wolverine so that he can appear with or without his mask.

Next up, we’ve got Norrin Radd, the Silver Surfer. I’ve always found him a tough character to like because even at his best, he tends to give off a very dated 80s vibe that I just can’t get into. But I have to say that when he’s done well, he’s done well and this is one of those times where they’ve managed to make him look very cool. He stands a whopping 24 inches tall and boasts a few special features:
* Three switch-out heads with alternate expressions
* Two sets of switch-out arms, including one set with arms extended and one set with arms extended wielding the power cosmic
* One additional arm with fist pose

New Marvel statues from Sideshow!

I came in this morning only to be greeted by three new faces: Tony Stark, the White Queen and X-23. Naturally, I would never complain about starting a day off with Robert Downey Jr. and the girls seem to be faring well with the male contingent here in the office. They’re the latest additions to Sideshow’s dazzling Marvel collection and some of the best yet. Best of all, they can be yours (well, maybe we’ll keep one..) by checking out our awesome collection of Marvel Collectibles by Sideshow Toys. But first, here’s a look at the trio now gracing our office with their esteemed presence.

Adam Hughes’ Black Queen Comiquette features another stunning recreation of Hughes’ incredible art. All the smooth lines and pin-up simplicity are retained while still offering every detail and texture element that makes his art so unique. As beautiful in her sensuality as she is in her power and with cape flowing around her legs and whip held almost lazily in one hand, she looks every bit as regal as her name suggests.

X-23 is a relatively new character in the Marvel universe, especially in this incarnation, but judging by her design, she’s here to stay. A mutant whose dangerous claws give her an easy physical advantage over those who might underestimate her, this sculpture is tantalizing enough that anyone would be willing to take the risk.

My personal favourite from this week’s shipment is this Iron Man Mark I statue. The detail on this thing has to be seen to be believed. Not only does it light up, but every piece of tarnished metal, ever joint and even the rugged tan on Tony Stark’s face is perfect. From all angles, it’s just a really impressive toy and would make a great addition to the shelf of any Iron Man or Marvel (or RDJ!) fan.