Arthas the Lich King stands proudly on the icy terrain of Northrend, wielding the Runeblade Frostmourne. He stands a very impressive 19 inches tall and features levels of detail only Sideshow can provide. It’s a stunner for sure and fans of Warcraft should hurry to get their hands on it!

World of Warcraft SERIES 8

Argent Nemesis The Black Knight, Forsaken Priestess Confessor Dhalia and the Brink Spannercrank vs Kobold Snaggle 2-Pack are now available from DC Direct! The eighth series of their incredible, highly-detailed figure collection. If you’re a fan of the game looking to bring a little bit of WoW’s awesome into the real world, this might be the best way to do it–without LARPing. The figures are roughly 6-inches tall and can be snagged individually or as a complete set of three (technically four)!

The Headless Horseman of World of Warcraft

The Headless Horseman rides into the Premium World of Warcraft collection and fans of the MMORPG can now snag the 9-inch figure to add to their probably-pretty-awesome display shelf.

He joins the rest of the premium collection and looks fantastic. DC Direct has really outdone themselves with the World of Warcraft action figure line and the detail and accessories are honestly stunning. If you’re a fan, then you should definitely pick this guy up and take your collection to the next level.

World of Warcraft: THE LICH KING

THE LICH KING Arthas Menethil joins DC Direct’s stunning line of highly-detailed World of Warcraft action figures. Standing almost nine inches tall, he is yet another amazing premium edition item that fully captures the look of the game and the elaborate design of the characters.

Now, this is ONE way to take the game into the real world, but China is working on another…DigitalTrends has the news.

China’s government may not allow people access to the full and open Internet most of us enjoy here in America. And it really doesn’t care much for video games in general. But that doesn’t mean the country is entirely negligent of the needs of the computer-savvy crowd.

In China’s Wunjin district, workers are currently constructing an amusement park modeled entirely after Blizzard‘s World of Warcraft and StarCraft, reports the Huffington Post. Really.

The park theme park, called “World Joyland,” will consist of five game-centric sections: Terrain of Warcraft, Universe of StarCraft, Island of Mystery, Moles World, and World of Legend. The park will reportedly offer visitors a number of thrill rides, including a double free-fall tower and three roller coasters. World Joyland will reportedly also have a video game museum and an e-Sports center.

The park was originally supposed to open this March. But recent photos of the build site show that the park is nowhere near ready to open.

The company building the park is CCJoy, an Internet portal company. CCJoy does not appear to have any official affiliation with Activision Blizzard or WoW, and Blizzard has apparently not given its consent for the construction of the park. But as we’re sure you have already noted, this wouldn’t be the first time a Chinese company made a product based on someone else’s copyrighted material.

News of the WoW park originally surfaced on February 7 on French website GameBlog, and many thought the place might be a hoax. But with Chinese news outlets reporting the build, as well as a number of photographs taken of the construction site, the place appears to be real.

So for all you diehard WoW fans out there — and we know there are a lot of you — now would be a good time to start saving up for a plane ticket to China. We’ll let you know once the rides are actually ready to roll.

World of Warcraft: Series 7

Judge Malthred, Orc Rogue Garona and Worgen Spy Garm Whitefang are the latest figures to arrive from DC Direct’s amazing, brilliantly constructed and highly-detailed World of Warcraft figure collection.

Each one is about 6 inches tall and look absolutely stunning, sculpted with amazing attention to the look and feel of the MMO. Each one comes with the weaponry you’d expect from these characters to wield. Definitely items fans will love, they’re available individually or as a set of all three!


The Sixth Series of DC Unlimited’s WORLD OF WARCRAFT figure collection
has arrived! Each figure in the series stands at about 6 inches tall (though there are some serious variations between the characters–as you would expect from the different races and types) and they look absolutely great, highly detailed and looking absolutely brilliant–just like the video game designs upon which they’re based. As per usual with each series, you can get this 6th group as individual figures or as a set! Here’s a look at what you’ll be able to snag, now, which will tide you over until the arrival of the next few series of figures (pre-orderable now!) in our collection.