Just in time for Halloween: THE WOLF MAN

The Wolf Man arrives as a rotoscoped, stylized figure standing 9-inches tall and looking not only very dynamic, but just as vicious as horror fans would want. He’s made by Mezco, so you can definitely expect a high-quality item with some truly outstanding sculpting; everything Mezco’s done so far had really impressed and this figure, based on Benicio Del Toro’s thrilling take on the classic character. It’s a timely arrival this close to Halloween! You can grab it right here!

And if you haven’t seen the film yet–or if you’re a big fan who hasn’t grabbed it–then check it out right here!

The Wolfman on DVD

The Wolfman (2-Disc Unrated Director’s Cut + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]

The Wolfman Stylized 9-inch Figure from Mezco

I absolutely adore stylized figures. Whether it’s the Marvel Mighty Muggs or the Star Trek Quogs, an different artistic take on the realism normally sought in figures is definitely refreshing. Which is why I was so pleased to see this being added to our stock over at Cmdstore.com:

A brand new toy from the folks at Mezco, it’s a great addition to the existing hyper-realistic Wolfman figures released in conjunction with the film. Whether or not you loved the film (I would actually have preferred a longer, more developed cut), it’s hard to deny that Benicio Del Toro went all-out on the character and the exaggerated designs of this 9-inch roto-cast figure really help accentuate the wildness and savagery of the changed Lawrence Talbot. The detail is impressive and the posing does a great job of capturing the character’s movement.

Shipping in late summer, you can pre-order now to get your hands on what is sure to be a very popular figure. I know I’ll be snagging it ASAP!

The Wolfman: The Toy and a Quick Review

Anyone who knows me can tell you that there are two actors I will watch in anything: Liam Neeson and Benicio Del Toro. And so, when I heard that Benicio would be doing a remake of the Wolfman about two years ago, I was thrilled that I would be able to see Del Toro in something that promised blockbuster-style action–and in a Victorian setting to boot. The delays worried me, indicating that the movie might not be up to snuff, but I still bought my tickets for the very first night when at last it opened February 12th.

I wasn’t…disappointed. But I wasn’t thrilled either. It was a solid monster movie, atmospheric and beautiful when not splashed with blood and gore. The sets were beautiful, the acting competent (especially the always-delightful Hugo Weaving), but the story itself felt as though it had been cut out of something greater. Unlike most movies nowadays, which seem to regale in their length, I actually felt that this one sold itself short by, well, shortening itself. The characters were underdeveloped and the plot devices and twists felt rushed, but underneath it all there seemed to be some greater thread and richer story. I’m hoping that the DVD release ends up filling in the gaps that the film seemed to show, but overall I had a good time watching. Might not pay full price again, but it was $12.50 well-spent.

And while we’re here, how about a look at the figure from the movie? This, at least, does not disappoint in the least.

Available in 6-inch or 12-inch forms, Benicio’s Lawrence Talbot is a terrifying creature with snarling lips and vicious claws rendered expertly by the folks at Mezco. Available both clean and bloody from a recent kill, it’s a great addition to any fan’s toyshelf.

Benicio Del Toro as The Wolf Man : New Figures!

Noted awesome guy Benicio Del Toro’s next role onscreen will be in 2010’s The Wolf Man, a remake of the Lon Cheney original that’s sure to show a new generation what classic horror movies once brought to the table. And give Benicio fans (like me) a chance to see him take on a role unlike any he’s ever played.

And I’m more than pleased (and more than excited) to say it’s also going to be a treat for the toy collector in me, because the folks at Mezco, who previously brought us an incredible line from Hellboy and Hellboy II (as well as comic and series based figures), are releasing two Wolf Man figures featuring the awesome makeup designs by the legendary Rick Baker (look him up, you’re almost guaranteed to know at least some of his work!). There’s a 6-inch model and a 12-inch as well and both look spectacular. Check ’em out over at CmdStore’s Wolfman section or click the pic below!