Skybyte, newest addition to Transformers Generations series, launches in full Decepticon mode

This brand-new figurine is two-in-one, capable of switching from robot mode to shark mode and back. This makes him prepared for any battle on land or sea against his Autobot nemeses. He’s always ready to strike with aquatic, robotic fury, hurling haikus at predators with Sharkticon menace.

A spinning missile launcher makes this Voyager Class Wave 7 toy a must-cop for this fall. Hasbro completes this 8-inch figure with window-box packaging perfect for collectors’ display.

Ready for shark-strike or missile launch!

Ready for shark-strike or missile launch!


TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON promises to be just as big and loud as its predecessors and whether you’re a fan of the films or a cartoon purist, you might be happy to know that a new wave of robots on disguise will be riding in with the film’s launch!

As per usual, the collection is divided into classes and each figures a range of different characters and figures. In the following classes, look for the likes of Ice Pick, Sandstorm, Bumblebee, Sentinel Prime, Roadbuster, Ratchet and many, many more! Take look:

Star Trek: Phasers, Tricorders and Communicators, oh my!

Star Trek fans might the the biggest and baddest of all the fandoms, known by all for being at the forefront of every fan-ish phenomenon from cosplayer conventions to the internet fan fiction’s ‘slash’ genre. They’re the original modern fandom, really, with Trekkies and Trekkers (there’s a difference–look it up!) devoting their time, their money and sometimes every aspect of their lives to the universe the shows, books, films and games have created.

Once upon a time, though, a lot of the collectibles and merchandise you could find at conventions was fan-made. While it seemed obvious to Trekkers/ies that there was a market for themed items, the production companies were a little slower to catch on.

Not anymore! The massive merchandising wave was truly born of the success of Star Trek’s second incarnation, “The Next Generation”. With that came figures, replicas, books, role-playing games and apparel that sold like hotcakes to every fan who had waited for more than the paltry offerings of the Kirk and Spock days. And now, with this summer’s hugely successful Star Trek reboot film (the 11th Trek movie, for those keping track), interest has been renewed among the mainstream and the toy companies know how to react.

So here are some quick links to CmdStore’s Star Trek toys and collectibles, where you can find something from the original series to TNG to Deep Space Nine and beyond! Check these out!

The Original Series collection
includes classic characters like Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and Khan, plus adorable Quog versiona of the characters. Retro fans need look no further for their Enterprise fix. And yes, we’ve also got a salt vampire.

Captain Picard, Riker, O’Brien, Dr. Crusher and many more make up this very awesome selection of toys from The Next Generation. For the record, my favorite was Data.

Deep Space Nine
brings us Sisko and the Defiant Command Chair, Kira Nerys, Gul Dukat, Julian Bashir more. And again for the record, Odo may have been pale, but he was no Data.

The Vehicles Series
includes a whole lot of Enterprises. Battle-damaged, Wrath of Khan style or remastered for 2009, we’ve got ’em all. Plus, a bonus Excelsior!

The accessories section
includes Phasters, a Tricorder and communicators style both for the original series and the second film. Whether you’re a collector or a cosplayer, you’ll definitely want to check these ones out.

Finally, we come to the latest entry into the Star Trek legacy, the 2009 film collection. Pine’s Kirk, Quinto’s Spock and Nimoy’s…well, Nimoy’s Spock are all here and ready for fans both new and old.