DEEP DIVE is the latest Transformer to join the 2010 Voyager Class ranks as an awesome 8-inch figure!

Named for his ability to probe the depths of the oceans as a turquoise Sumbarine, Deep Dive is a heroic autobot who also stands with his colleagues against the evils of the Decepticons. The figure itself looks as great as you’d expect from Hasbro’s Voyager line and if you’re a big fan of the robots in disguise, Deep Dive is definitely one you’re going to want to snag.

Voyager Class Transformers Figures from the Revenge of the Fallen

As with all other Transformers lines, the figures of the robots in disguise are divided into different classes based on size and complexity. For collectors, we’ve just gotten two new Voyager Class Transformers figures from 2009’s biggest movie, “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen”.

In the second wave of 2010 figures, there are four items, but we’ve only got two in so far: Defender Optimus Prime and the fighter jet Mindwipe. Still not on our shelves but available for pre-order are Barricade & Frenzy and Mudflap & Agent Simmons, shipping in February and March respectively.

And in other news, if you absolutely loathed the sequel (and many fans did, preferring the toys to the movie), you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s been nominated for the yearly anti-Oscars, The Razzies!

In an exerpt from BBC News:

The Transformers sequel has the dubious accolade of being one of the front-runners at the Razzie Awards, which mark the worst films of the year.

Revenge of the Fallen, from director Michael Bay, has seven nominations, including worst film and worst actress for Megan Fox.