Happy Birthday, David!

The new viral video for PROMETHEUS is strange and chilling, yet somehow endearing. David manages to pull at your heartstrings while making your skin crawl just a little bit and it’s both a testament to Michael Fassbender’s talent and the stunning tale we can expect to see when the film finally hits theatres.

After looking forward, of course, we can also look back…which, since this is a prequel, is also looking forward.

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THE GUILD Topples Katy Perry

In more evidence that “the Geeks shall inherit the earth”, World of Warcraft comedy troupe The Guild recently topped the iTunes charts with a video they first unveiled at SDCC. The good news comes via TubeFilter, who posted the following report! Read it and check out the video below!

Critically acclaimed web series, The Guild debuted a Bollywood-themed music video about the pleasures of MMORPGs at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Less than two weeks later, Game On is at the top of the iTunes charts.

Late last night, Katy Perry succumbed to online video starlet, Felicia Day’s social media prowess and uber-popularity. Game On bumped this summer’s top bubblegum pop hit, California Gurls from its #1 spot on the list of top-selling pop music videos on iTunes in both the US and the UK.

The news should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with The Guild’s music video track record. Last year, it only took two days for Do you Wanna Date My Avatar to break 1 million views on YouTube and reach the top of iTunes’ overall music video charts.

But Game On’s reign is currently relegated to the pop charts. Country music star and former Mr. Renee Zellweger, Kenny Chesney sits atop the overall best-seller list with his high school football anthem, The Boys of Fall. Game On comes in just below at #2.

Can Game On grab the #1 overall music video spot? Will gamers unite to take down their lifelong arch-nemeses, aka football players and fans? Let the Claim the Top Selling iTunes Music Video Quest begin.

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Lady Gaga Bad Romance by Fans

It’s friday afternoon and we don’t wanna work….so time to surf YouTube and spend a few hours entertaining myself. When my music alarm clock woke me up this morning….I had this tune in my head. While working out at the gym, I was humming it. While eating Dim Sum at the restaurant, I was humming it. While taking my afternoon lunch crap in the can, I was humming it. While drinking a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee and surfing the web (instead of working), I was humming this tune.

What is this tune, you ask? Enjoy….

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The Top 10 Worst Movie Games…

There have been incredible advances in video games in the past decade, with stories rivaling those found in films, deep, complex characters, elaborate design and even some amazing soundtracks. They have truly become an art.

But if there’s one thing that always gets in the way of art and that’s money. When the game is developed with cash in mind instead of design, there’s sure to be trouble. Which is probably why most video games based on movies tend to be terrible: they’re rushed into development to meet the height of movie-related hype and the emphasis is on clearing out the stock before word can get out about just how terrible it really is.

Which brings us to this video, which I recently found after researching some truly terrible games on Wikipedia. It’s a hilarious Top 10 List of the very worst movie games ever made, from Catwoman to E.T. and beyond. It just goes to show you what can happen when the Almight dollar trumps the development team’s interest.

Brought to you by, you can watch it here…

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The Godfather II Video Game and Collectibles

Fans of Grand Theft Auto and The Godfather were thrilled when the highly-customizable, impressively-layered game hit consoles two years ago, featuring great graphics, a massive New York City to explore and–best of all–an experience that did the film proud, including performances by original cast members (including Marlon Brando, whose recorded lines stood as his final acting credit). Personally, I’ve been a Godfather fangirl ever since I first read Puzo’s incredible novel and the first two films are among my favourites so when I learned of the game, I was quick to pick up the Black Hand Edition for the Wii. And for what I sacrificed in graphics for my Nintendo choice, I made up for in the ability to stand in front of the television and shoot, punch and throttle the heck out of the Corleone Family’s rivals with the Wiimote.

And now, of course, I’ll probably have to go for a non-Wiimote version to further my Godfather love when the Godfather II game hits stores Thursday. Here’s a look!

And for super-fans like myself, I’ll also include the collectibles available from the folks at McFarlane who are awesome enough to realize the awesomeness of the Godfather. Don Corleone currently sits on my writing desk, where I am waiting for him to make me that offer everybody’s always talking about. Also pictured below is a really cool item also from McFarlane: a 3-D movie poster that’s a must for the wall of any fan of the iconic image.

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