Presenting Diamond Select’s Carnage, one of Marvel’s most infamous super-villains

The serial killer once known as Cletus Kasady naturally became Carnage after merging with the progeny of the alien Venom during a prison breakout. The creature that emerged from this fateful union was to become even more insane and bloodlust-driven than the original murderer, who was thought to have killed his own grandmother.

New from Diamond Toys’ Marvel Select series is this dastardly psychopath in eight-inch figure format. After the success of their Classic Venom figure with collectors, they’ve decided to come back for more — lucky us! Jean St. Jean, who provided the sculpting expertise on the Classic Venom rendering, has returned to do the same for the former Mr. Kasady. Carnage boasts 16 articulation points and plenty of interchangeable heads, hands and back tendrils. Customize him how you like while having the option of side display with spine artwork. Pre-order him now for a March arrival — it’s not as far away as it might seem!

Carnage may be a ruthless criminal, but we have to admit that getting ripped apart in space is a pretty gnarly way to meet your demise.

Carnage may be a ruthless criminal, but we have to admit that getting ripped apart in space is a pretty gnarly way to meet your demise.

VENOM Mini-Bust

When Peter Parker discovered that the new suit he’d brought back with him from the Secret Wars was actually an alien symbiote, he did everything in his power to rid himself of it. In turn, the alien life form discovered Eddie Brock, a reporter from the Daily Globe that has been humiliated by the wallcrawler, and in bonding with him sparked their mutual hatred of Spider-Man into the raging inferno called Venom!

This 1:6 scale Venom mini-bust is a great new sculpt from Gentle Giant, particularly impressive in its tiny details from the veins on his rippling muscles to the twist of his tongue around his pointed teeth. Fans of the character should definitely add this to their must-have list.

The Amazing Spider-Man Figures

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN figures are on their way! Pre-Order now and June will bring the first wave of extremely awesome 3.75 inch figures. Check them out:

Mega-Cannon Spider-Man, Symbiote Strike Spider-Man, Capture Trap Spider-Man, Hydro Attack Spider-Man, Grappling Hook Spider-Man, Symbiote Snap Venom, Glider Attack Green Goblin and Power Arms Dr. Octopus make up the first series of figures and grossly overstate the movie we’re all anticipating this summer– I don’t know how many times Spider-Man will use a mega cannon, but I have the feeling it will be less than once. Still, the figures are pretty rad and you can grab ’em individually or as a complete set.

Check out the new Spider-Man Movie Trailer:

Marvel Select’s ANTI-VENOM

Eddie Brock’s second alter-ego, ANTI-VENOM is stark and striking as an 8-inch Marvel Select figure. Though he’s an absolutely terrifying figure, he nevertheless tends to fight on the side of good–so if you’re looking for a new companion to your heroes or a new adversary to your villains, then look no further! Featuring some fantastic articulation and incredible detail, this new member of the Marvel Select line is one that’s sure to please the fans.

Spider-Man Figures! Plus: First Pics from Turn Off The Dark

We’ve got a ton of Spider-Man figures and collectibles available in our Spider-Man section over at CmdStore! Here’s a look at three of our favourites, before we step off of the display shelf and onto the Broadway stage!

A straight-forward but very solid figure, this Marvel Select Spider-Man from Diamond Toys makes a great addition to your Spidey collection or, if you’re a casual fan, is a good place to start on your way to a display shelf bringing all the awesomeness of the wall-crawling web-slinger to your humble abode!

Yep, this happened. A Spider-Man suit fused with the technology that only Stark Industries can offer, this beautiful comiquette creates an unforgettable image as the now-eight-legged Spider-man crawls across some ruins.

Standing 13 inches tall on an LED-lit base, this statue of Spider-Man’s foe, Venom, is another impressive entry from Kotobukiyua. Check it our if you’re a fan!

Which brings us to the next bit of this post: the first pictures from Julie Taymor’s Broadway take on the superhero: SPIDER-MAN: TURN OFF THE DARK. Gere they are, from Topless Robot:

New VENOM from Kotobukiya!

As Spider-Man fans rejoice (or groan) at the announcement of fourth installment to Sam Raimi’s film series,  the merch continues to roll out. And now, the talents at Kotobukiya and Sideshow Toys have brought out a brand new figure of the symbiote villain, Venom…

Shipping in February 2010, you can already pre-order this stunning statue. It stands 13 inches tall and includes a light-up base with internal LEDs to display the figure, sculpted in porcelain by Junnosuke Abe, at its best.

We’ve also got a ton more items in ourSideshow and Kotobukiya statue collection, including a host of new pre-orders like Battle-damaged Iron Man, Hulkbuster Iron Man, She-Hulk, Punisher, Cloak & Dagger and a ton more already available an in-stock.

In fact, Venom fans who can’t wait until the release of the figure above can sate their hunger with this Venom Comiquette by Ariel Olivetti

New Marvel Select Figure: Anti-Venom


Presenting a fresh take on a classic villain, this seven-inch action figure release features a new Venom as never before! Fresh from the pages of the Amazing Spider-Man comics, Anti-Venom is featured with a deluxe symbiote base and multiple points of articulation for the character’s action figure debut – making this Marvel Select release a sure-fire hit!  You can purchase this cool figure from our online store….click here.

Marvel Select Anti-Venom Action Figure from Diamond Select