AKIRA 6-Inch Die-Cast Model: KANEDA’S BIKE

Now available for pre-order is one of the most iconic vehicles in the history of Japanese animation: KANEDA’S BIKE

Sideshow is proud to present the Kaneda’s Bike Die-cast Model by PROJECT BM! from Katsuhiro Otomo’s acclaimed manga, AKIRA, and created under Otomo’s direct supervision. This die-cast metal vehicle replica is complete with LED light-up features, including front and back wheels, headlights, taillights, blinker, and dashboard, as well as sound effects, including engine start, rev, tires, drift and drive. The headlights can be adjusted to move up and down, and the front can be raised and lowered to simulate park and drive modes. The model has three power levels – off, lights only, and lights with sound, and has full, workable suspension created under cowling. (Requires 4 AAA batteries, not included.)

Kaneda’s Bike, fire-engine red and emblazoned with the marks of  sponsors, is a companion piece to Sideshow’s Shotaro Kaneda 12-inch figure and completes the look, bringing the film to vivid life all these years later. Released in 1988, the film brought anime to the world stage and represented not only a landmark for foreign cinema, but something that would remain a cult hit for decades to come.

Fans of the film will definitely want to pre-order this one, guaranteeing their shipment when the bike comes in in February of this year.

New 3.75-Inch Scale (Over 2 feet all!) AT-AT

The new 3.75-inch scale IMPERIAL AT-AT joins the ever-growing collection of Star Wars vehicles and looks great doing it.

The AT-AT, or Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport, stands over TWO FEET TALL, in perfect scale with the 3.75-inch Star Wars figures to offer the massive, imposing presence that marked its appearances in the Star Wars Universe–most prominently in the Battle of Hoth.

This figure itself comes with a Speeder Bike figure, as well as an AT-AT Driver and can lower and retract a rappelling line from its underside. More than that, though, it boasts “light-up reciprocating chin guns, a light-up command section, battle and vehicle sounds and firing side-mounted blasters to bring the excitement of the intergalactic saga straight to your living room!” And what’s more, you can fit a whopping 19 figures in the AT-AT body, meaning that, on top of a toy, it might make for some pretty decent themed storage space!

Check it out!

Mario Kart Wii Figures: Pull-speed and Micro RC toys!

It did seem to take a while, but North America’s finally received the a collection of toys from the massively popular Mario Kart Wii! The Mario Kart Wii figures and vehicles include both pull-speed and RC options and both Mario and the sinister Wario are currently available. The micro remote control Mario is an especially fun choice, including a banana and a red shell to foil any opponents and a spare set of wheels in case that risky driving takes its toll. Definitely a great choice for fans of the game.

Another little bit of good news, though, is the potential arrival of an SNES emulator on the brand new iPad. iSmashPhone shows us through the glory of the classic Super Mario Kart.

Put down the Visine, bunky, your eyes are not deceiving you — that IS SNES Mario Kart running on an iPad, courtesy of emulator guru ZodTTD. So with various iPad jailbreaks already popping up like so many (Mario World!) mushrooms, it may be just a matter of time before you can drop the game ROM and Zod’s snes4iphone emulator onto your pwned ‘Pad and speed away.

BUT WAIT! There’s more! Zod’s claiming he created a “legal” (i.e. no-jailbreak-required) version of the emulator, even going so far as to submit it to the App Store:

The build of snes4iphone running on my iPad as seen in the video was actually based on an AppStore app I submitted called “snesty”. Apple quickly rejected it right after pulling the NES emulator. I combined snesty with some snes4iphone features such as using the private API called CoreSurface. I used Apple developer tools and self signed it.

He also promises a version of the emulator that’ll support the iPad’s 1024 x 768 native resolution and even touchscreen controls.

Finally, if you haven’t gotten your hands on what is, after a few years, still #32 on Amazon’s video game list, here’s a link!
Mario Kart Wii with Wii Wheel