Spider-Girl Anya Corazon Marvel Legends Figure

Hasbro is actually going to be releasing some of their notorious-for-never-coming-out Marvel Legends variant figures. Ebay listings have turned up for the Spider-Man Marvel Legends Boomerang, Toxin and Spider-Girl figures, confirming that these figures are in fact currently in production and should be released in a few months time…hopefully in March of 2014.

Spider-Girl Anya Corazon Marvel Legends Figure


Look out, Bat-fans!

You can now pre-order the new variant edition of Mike Mignola’s entry to the Batman Black & White collection. Standing at about 8 inches tall, this striking rendering of the Dark Knight bears the heaviness and angular quality that sets his art apart. The stark shadows and dimpled-stone design elements make this on of the best B&W statues yet– order now and it’ll be sent your way in February.


A brand new black & white variant of The Walking Dead’s protagonist, RICK GRIMES (Andrew Lincoln) joins the rest of the awesome comic/TV WALKING DEAD collection. 5 inches tall, it’s a monochromatic take on the original figure, which you might already have snagged. This variant is of the one-per-box variety, so if you’re looking for something a little less common, this might just be the answer.

James Reimer White Jersey NHL Hockey Figure Series 30

James Reimer

At 6’2, 208 pounds, Reimer doesn’t have much of a problem filling the net. His style has been described as simply coming out of the crease and challenging shooters to find space around his large frame. When he is on his game, the lanky netminder uses his size to cut down angles and plays a controlled, focused game.  He also displays decent puckhandling skills and is an astute worker.

James Reimer NHL Figure

McFarlane’s NHL Hockey Figures: SERIES 27

The latest series of NHL Hockey figures have just arrived from McFarlane! Sports fans can now check out series 27, bringing together the sport’s best and brightest for an awesome all-star lineup!

The players in this set (which also features some variants that collectors will want to get their hands on) can be snagged individually or purchased as a complete series. They are:

Wayne Gretzky
Jarome Iginla
Marty Turco
Dion Phaneuf
Evgeni Malkin
Jimmy Howard

Ame-Comic Catwoman: Purple Vinyl Variant

A new Ame-Comi Catwoman variant is on its way! Shipping in November, you can now pre-order a version of Ame-Comi’s Catwoman that pays homage to both her new Darwyn Cooke-originated look (with a touch of Adam Hughes’ red goggles and PVC shine) and the traditional purple that has long been a part of her wardrobe.

The figure (well, PVC statue, really) stands about 9 and a half inches tall and provides a great opportunity for fans of the DC Direct line to snag a figure they may have missed the first time around. Or, if you’re a more die-hard Ame-Comi collector, it’ll be a great spin on Catwoman who already sits on your toyshelf.