Classic Ultron Statue

This incredible new statue from Sideshow collectibles presents ULTRON seated on an incredible metallic throne, a truly awe-inspiring scene and a stunning addition to your display shelf. Crafted at the 1:5 scale, he’s over a foot tall and features the detailing you’ve come to expect from Sideshow and Marvel’s collaborations.


Before Jeremy Renner revitalized the character in 2012’s THE AVENGERS, this was the Hawkeye we knew and loved– and he still looks rad. This statue is a Japanese import from Kotobukiya and stands a full 13 inches tall.

The sculpting is perfect– capturing skin and fabric equally well… and also pulling off the metallic smoothness of a thoroughly trounced Ultron. If you’re a fan of the character and want to grab something truly impressive, this is the one. He’s a classic character and it’s just great to see him finally getting his due in recent years. Who knew?

Marvel Select – ULTRON

ULTRON comes to the Marvel Select collection in the third quarter of this year. Standing 8 inches tall, the figure is brilliantly-sculpted, perfectly articulated and comes with a detailed base for display.

Ultron’s a character who’s been pretty popular along the years, but who hasn’t had the best representation in action figures– we’re very pleased that Marvel Select decided it was time to rectify that. Order now and it’ll ship out as soon as it arrives!

Marvel Universe: 2011 Wave 4

Commander Steve Rogers, X-23, Darkhawk, Namor and Ultron make up the latest wave of figures from the still-growing Marvel Universe 3.75-inch Figure collection! Take a look:

Each one comes with accessories and features articulation that’s all the more impressive for the 3.75-inch scale at which the characters are rendered. As per usual, you can snag the Marvel heroes or villains individually or as a complete set.

And look out next week for the fifth wave, including Tony Stark as Iron Man, Iceman, Absorbing Man, Astonishing Wolverine and Magneto!

Just in: Marvel Universe Secret Wars Figures

The new 3 3/4 inch Marvel Universe figures have now arrived and are listed over at They’re all from the massive “Secret Wars” arc, which celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year–yep, it really has been that long! But fortunately, for those like me, if you were non-existent or just too young to see it, here’s an opportunity to get at least a few glimpses.

The line runs at almost half the size of the usual Marvel collection, but the detail is still there and you do get two figures instead of one. Somehow, I figure, the size means that you still get about the same amount of plastic, so I’m guessing that’s what makes these guys about the same price as the 6-8 inchers.

In the series that’s just arrived, you’ll find Thor & Enchantress (above), Mr. Fantastic & Ultron and Hawkeye & Piledriver. We also got in a Green Goblin from the Spider-Man series. Each of these comes with a copy of a Marvel Secret Wars comic featuring the packaged characters.