BlackBerries are still a thing, apparently

Up until a few years ago, I was a staunch anti-Apple consumer. I chuckled pompously at the sheep-like masses with small white buds buried in their ears as I listened to music on my phone. I rolled my eyes at the advent of the iPad, thinking it ridiculous that any person would need a computer and a weird handheld screen thingy. I dutifully plugged away on my six-year-old, virus-ridden and hopelessly slow HP laptop, thinking I was one of the valiant few doing humanity a favor. And then, with my tail between my legs, I became a convert to the Church of Apple. Once I made the switch to an iPhone, I never looked back. Now, you’ll almost always catch me with those little white plastic earbuds plugged into my head while I’m cruising Tumblr on my MacBook Air.


The thing is, once I crossed over, I forgot about everything else. Namely, that people are still actually buying technology that, to Millennials, could be already considered obsolete, much like 2008 Miley Cyrus.

Pre-tongue, post-Nick Jonas bb Milez toting a BlackBerry Bold 9000. Lest we forget. Source:

Pre-tongue, post-Nick Jonas bb Milez toting a BlackBerry Bold 9000. Lest we forget. Source:

BlackBerries (BlackBerrys?) are. Still. A thing. At least this seems to be the case, seeing that a limited, black and gold edition of the new BlackBerry Passport (which sported a redundant and kind of lame side engraving that read “limited edition”) released today sold out within hours. Cute, I guess, but kind of a yawn, because this proves that BlackBerry, like every other smartphone with the exception of maybe the Samsung Galaxy, is just trying to keep up with Apple. I mean, just take a look at the “highlights” of November’s BlackBerry Classic, among which were “a good touch-screen”, “very fast Internet” and “a keyboard”. Really, BlackBerry? I’m pretty sure any human exiting the womb after 2000 comes implanted with those same features. You’re essentially bragging about being a functional cellular phone.



All questionable marketing language aside, Samsung recently offered to buy BlackBerry for up to $7.5 million, to which BlackBerry laughed, flipped its hair and said “We’re totally fine. Really, we’re fine.” Well, I guess we can sort of believe that when certain celebrities still swear by their BBs. Despite striking a deal with Samsung to sell his last album and the fact that he’s been seen using an iPhone, Jay-Z still mostly relies on an old-school BlackBerry to carry out the day-to-day duties necessary to his role of Mr. Beyoncé. He even lent some props to the ol’ dinosaur celly in last year’s collab track with Daft Punk “Computerized”: “Start macking on my BlackBerry / She got jealous / I was tapping on my BlackBerry.” All that this shows us is that the best thing that rhymes with “BlackBerry” is “BlackBerry”. And also that none of this ever actually happened because we all know that he isn’t macking on anyone, except maybe Bey, who is obviously incapable of mortal, bacchanal emotions like jealousy.

Essentially. Source:

Essentially. Source:

So BlackBerry, what are you even doing? Okay, I get it. Why should you listen to me, lowly ’90s baby with capricious tastes in technology and an irreverent, entitled, know-it-all attitude? You’re going to valiantly keep trying to remain competitive in the market as long as it’s profitable for you to do so. That’s great. That’s the beauty of Western capitalism. But it won’t last forever, BB. And when it ends, I’ll be here for you with a big tub of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream. And an iPhone 6.



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Tumbler #043

A Revoltech import from Kaiyodo, this thing’s got a pretty long title, but you know what it is:

Officially called the Sci-Fi Revoltech #043: The Dark Knight Rises: Tumbler Vehicle, the Tumblr measures about 6 inches long and features a faux flame exhaust, clear stand and nameplate and a teeny tiny Batman figure.


From the always amazing DCWOMENKICKINGASS comes a look at an upcoming TDKR statue featuring Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle…

DC Direct will be issuing a lot of collectibles for The Dark Knight Rises and here’s a official look at a few pieces at a Catwoman 6” statue and really shows off the high boot of the Catwoman costume…

2011: A Rough Year for DC Women

Over at the phenomenal blog DC Women Kicking Ass, there’s a great, if depressing, countdown of the unpleasantness (and outright disrespect) that has been the fate of many of DC’s women in this, the year of the reboot.

If you’re a fan of DC Comics, if you believe in equality or if you just want to keep your finger on the pulse and know which DC women are kicking ass when, then you should definitely check this out. It’s a great list and might hold the key to pinpointing exactly what has to change in 2012, as we move closer to a comicverse that is as inclusive as possible.

Blog Rec: Disney’s Hidden Secrets on Tumblr!

Disney Hidden Secrets is a Tumblr collecting bits of trivia about your favourite Disney animated movies. A good but highly addictive read (like so many Tumblrs!), it’s put together by someone with a true love of the films and it’ll keep you busy for ages as you discover everything from hidden Mickeys to behind-the-scenes action. Here are a few samples!

In the hotel scene, Stich carrying a rose was inspired by an animation student that was known to give flowers to the animators (and other animation students) at the annual Disney Institute animation classes.

The scene where Mulan disarms Shan-Yu with a fan shows an actual martial art technique.

Animator Eric Goldberg supervised the animation of Tiana’s “Almost There” fantasy sequence, which was based on the art of African-American painter Aaron Douglas, one of the major figures of the Harlem Renaissance. Goldberg had previously directed the stylized “Rhapsody In Blue” segment in Fantasia/2000 (1999), which was based upon the work of Al Hirschfeld. The fantasy sequence eschewed the Toon Boom Harmony pipeline of the rest of the film; the animators’s line drawings were scanned into Photoshop and composited using Adobe After Effects.

Halloween-Ready: Reasoning with Vampires

REASONING WITH VAMPIRES is a new blog that cuts the Twilight series to pieces and draws blood. Whether they believe that vampires are scary or are just tired of comma splicing and messy writing, there are pages and pages of some really hilarious critiques that range from the juvenile to the brilliant. If you’re not a fan of the franchise or you’re just looking to learn a couple things about English, then check ’em out!

BLOG REC: Elise Archer’s Harley Quinn Aid!

Elise Archer is more than just a cosplayer. She’s a blogger, a revier, a burlesque performer, a clown, a writer and perhaps the biggest Harley/Joker fan out there! Many might know her only as the Harley in this very popular pic that seems to have made the internet rounds…

..but there is so much more to know, and to read, about this wonderful Australian lady who not only organised a Harley Quinn meet-up at this year’s SDCC (Harleypalooza!) but got both Paul Dini and Mark Hamill to join in the fun! Read more here.

So all I can say about this brilliant fangirl is that you should check out her tumblr and, from there, take a look at everything else she’s done. She’s beautiful, funny and, most importantly, an extremely intelligent writer whose insight on comics is incredibly refreshing!

Check her out!