STAR TREK: The Original Phaser

This could be YOU!

Maybe you don’t have the snazzy uniform (or maybe you do), but you can now get that sweet phaser for your very own! Diamond has now created a life-size replica of the phaser that you can use to tackle any manner of alien menace that should come your way. Also good if your crew gets out of line.

This item is a brilliant collectible for any Trekkie or Trekker and also works very well as a perfectly-rendered prop for any ST cosplayer.


Pilot Kirk and Spock are now available as 6-inch figures from the folks at Diamond Select. The design of both characters is based not only on the original series, but, specifically, on the very first appearance of two men who would become classic heroes. They come with the series-accurate accessories you might expect from these fan-friendly items and make an absolutely brilliant addition to the growing collection of any Trekker or Trekkie.

I have a pretty cool picture below….thanks to Photoshop!  Do you like it?  Give me some comments….good or bad.

Star Trek Osama Barack as Spock

The Trouble with Tribbles: A new Star Trek figure

Easily one of the most famous episodes of the original series, the Trouble with Tribbles gets an action figure treatment sure to delight Star Trek fans as it has already delighted me. Here’s a look:

Beyond just being a great piece for your display shelf, this exclusive Diamond figure boasts sound and voice from the television show, the first Tribbles ever made for the action figure line and the variant green shirt colour. Naturally, the 6-inch Captain Kirk figure can also be removed from the chair and displayed elsewhere in the event that there are other figures demanding some time with the soothing alien life forms.

Star Trek: Phasers, Tricorders and Communicators, oh my!

Star Trek fans might the the biggest and baddest of all the fandoms, known by all for being at the forefront of every fan-ish phenomenon from cosplayer conventions to the internet fan fiction’s ‘slash’ genre. They’re the original modern fandom, really, with Trekkies and Trekkers (there’s a difference–look it up!) devoting their time, their money and sometimes every aspect of their lives to the universe the shows, books, films and games have created.

Once upon a time, though, a lot of the collectibles and merchandise you could find at conventions was fan-made. While it seemed obvious to Trekkers/ies that there was a market for themed items, the production companies were a little slower to catch on.

Not anymore! The massive merchandising wave was truly born of the success of Star Trek’s second incarnation, “The Next Generation”. With that came figures, replicas, books, role-playing games and apparel that sold like hotcakes to every fan who had waited for more than the paltry offerings of the Kirk and Spock days. And now, with this summer’s hugely successful Star Trek reboot film (the 11th Trek movie, for those keping track), interest has been renewed among the mainstream and the toy companies know how to react.

So here are some quick links to CmdStore’s Star Trek toys and collectibles, where you can find something from the original series to TNG to Deep Space Nine and beyond! Check these out!

The Original Series collection
includes classic characters like Kirk, Spock, Uhura, and Khan, plus adorable Quog versiona of the characters. Retro fans need look no further for their Enterprise fix. And yes, we’ve also got a salt vampire.

Captain Picard, Riker, O’Brien, Dr. Crusher and many more make up this very awesome selection of toys from The Next Generation. For the record, my favorite was Data.

Deep Space Nine
brings us Sisko and the Defiant Command Chair, Kira Nerys, Gul Dukat, Julian Bashir more. And again for the record, Odo may have been pale, but he was no Data.

The Vehicles Series
includes a whole lot of Enterprises. Battle-damaged, Wrath of Khan style or remastered for 2009, we’ve got ’em all. Plus, a bonus Excelsior!

The accessories section
includes Phasters, a Tricorder and communicators style both for the original series and the second film. Whether you’re a collector or a cosplayer, you’ll definitely want to check these ones out.

Finally, we come to the latest entry into the Star Trek legacy, the 2009 film collection. Pine’s Kirk, Quinto’s Spock and Nimoy’s…well, Nimoy’s Spock are all here and ready for fans both new and old.

Star Trek “Out-Prequels” Star Wars?

Star Trek Vs Star Wars
We have debated this countless times in our store….almost having fist fights concluding with little boys crouched sucking their thumbs in a fetal position. I have found this great article by Damon Wellner at Probot Productions.

Am I the only one who isn’t buying this Star Trek “out-prequeled” Star Wars BS or what?

I had a great time watching the new Star Trek movie. Love the cast. Great visuals and fast pacing that kept me fully entertained the whole time.

However, it was no Phantom Menace.

It’s been ten years since George Lucas first turned back the clock and showed us how it all began. The anticipation for that film was unlike anything before or since. Because people had impossible expectations, people overreacted to the relatively few flaws that the film has, and the public quickly turned against it. But time has shown Darth Maul to be a classic badass villain and I’ll bet that ten years from now the name Nero won’t be on anyone’s list of great villains. Ricardo Montalbán he aint. The Phantom Menace gets unfairly judged in my opinion because it was so over-hyped, when it should have been compared to the 4th film in any other series, like Halloween 4 or Jaws 4, as in FOR FANS ONLY, and don’t expect too much.

The new Star Trek movie was admittedly a fun movie, but NOT better than the worst of the 6 Star Wars films. Oh, there are several reasons why it’s getting better received, but it boils down to one thing, and it’s all there in the core message of the film: Cheating is okay. In Hollywood everyone knows that’s a fact, but no one knows it better than JJ Abrams. There are a million tricks in storytelling to tugging audiences emotions around and JJ Abrams is a master at the craft. They do it on Lost every week. There is a lot of talent in his work, but also a lot of emotional manipulation to get audiences to feel the way he wants, then jerk them in the other direction for a while. I grew tired of it on Lost and stopped tuning in a while back.

The reason this new film is a cheat is that it’s not a prequel at all. It’s a RE-quel. Die hard Trekkies probably hate this film because it’s actually a betrayal of the original story.
Alternate reality? Easy answer I say. The use of this plot device reminds me of the new Terminator film and TV show taking that story in 2 different directions. Exploiting a loophole in space/time and script writing, Abrams cheats his way out of every criticism, and I commend his honesty at least. He made “cheating” the theme of the film.

But imagine if Lucas had done the same thing? What if C-3P0 had appeared in Phantom Menace saying he was from the future and went into a long, extensively narrated flashback about flying through black holes and new destinies and all that? That easy cheat would have freed Lucas to proceed in any direction he chose, with no need for that little detail of the required closure of actually fitting into the classic timeline. Better yet just fire Lucas and get some young blood in there to make Star Wars “cool” again, right? Some people may have preferred that. But it would have severely disappointed fans and the film would have an even worse reputation than it does, at least in this reality.

The reason everyone is letting Abrams get away with this hijacking of a beloved franchise is that Star Trek has always had much lower standards to live up to. After all it’s just TV. Star Trek only became palatable to me in a few of it’s film incarnations so I am not a Trekkie at all. I just think that this film, while fun to watch, often drifted into territory that felt a lot more like tv to me than film. And that’s fine! Good for Abrams for raising the bar for Star Trek to almost filmic levels of fun. But that’s not even the same league that Lucas is playing in. Visually, The Phantom Menace was absolutely stunning from start to finish, and the cinematography and effects in the Star Wars prequels only got better and better. But there really wasn’t a lot in the new Star Trek that we haven’t seen before in the Star Wars prequels and the new Battlestar Galactica.

I can think of several plot points in this Star Trek film that were lifted directly from the Star Wars saga. The Spock/Leia connection, The planet Vulcan implodes just like Aalderan was destroyed, and for similar storytelling reasons. To send a message to the Galaxy and to punish a single person. Then there is the Snow monsters scene, which starts out referencing Luke’s Wampa attack on Hoth, then switches to a plot point used TWICE in Phantom Menace: The Monster gets eaten by a BIGGER, SCARIER monster! The coming out of warp (hyperspace) into a post battle debris field. Very similar to when The Millennium Falcon comes out of hyperspace into the bown up remnants of Aalderaan. I could continue…

One last reason Star Wars prequels will always be better in my book: NO PRODUCT PLACEMENT. Good to know that Budweiser will still be selling piss beer in the distant future, and that Nokia won’t bother updating their jingle for centuries to come. Can I order another alternate reality please? Admit it. Star Trek still sucks.

Star Wars Toys

Captain Kirk and Spock Figure

Star Trek Release + Figures

With the release of J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek movie, here’s a showcase of some of the best of the Star Trek figures we’re offering over at our online store, spanning generations of the show and the characters.

This model of the USS Enterprise from Diamond Exclusive features electronic lights and sounds. The stand makes it a perfect display piece and casual fans to Trekkies are sure to enjoy it.

Now available for pre-order, here’s a look at the fifth series of original Star Trek figures. An appropriately hairy Dr. McCoy, Season 3 Kirk, Yeoman Rand and Nurse Chapel make up this new group, which can be purchased as a set or as individual figures.

The Next Generation represented the second coming of Star Trek, an amazing relaunch of the franchise that captured the hearts and minds of fans all across the globe. This particular figure is Captain Picard at the command chair, created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show.

This Communicator + Phaser 2-pack is one of the many Star Trek accessories now available both in-stock and for pre-order. They make great additions to the get-up of any cosplayer, or just the display cases of devoted collectors.

We’ve got tons more Trekkie merch available in our Star Trek section, and you can check out the rest here: