Catwoman in Arkham City: E3 Gameplay!

Following the big reveal that Catwoman would feature as a playable character in the upcoming ARKHAM CITY, we’ve now got some official gameplay footage of the feline femme fatale showing what happens when you underestimate a beautiful woman.

She looks awesome and it’s about time she got a game worthy of her. Her design is impressive and a toughened-up version of her current comics incarnation in Gotham City Sirens and while we’re skeptical about the heels, we’re excited to watch her take out the bad guys in Gotham.

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Trailer!

The new Assassin’s Creed trailer has been released and it looks fantastic. The visuals, the brief narrative calling back to the entire trilogy and a stunning musical backdrop (Woodkid’s “Iron” for those of you seeking to grab it on iTunes).

While you’re at it, you might also want to snag some of the awesome Assassin’s Creed figures we’ve got available in our section, including both Ezio and Altair! Check ’em out.


Here it is, ladies and gentlemen! The official announcement that so many people have been waiting for…HALO 4 IS ON THE WAY!

Naturally, we don’t know a great deal about what specifically is in store for fans of the franchise, but they haven’t let us down yet, so I’m pretty sure this next entry is going to be pretty fantastic.

Naturally, we’ve got a ton of Halo items from Joyride to Play Arts to McFarlane and you should probably check out the collection! 6-inch figures, 3.75-inch figures and even big ol’ 12-inchers are available for almost every character you could possibly want, good or evil, from all the games! Check it out!

The BREAKING DAWN Trailer and TWILIGHT Figures!

Well, if you were among the millions watching last night’s MTV Movie awards and eagerly awaiting the premiere of the Breaking Dawn trailer, then you’ve already seen and enjoyed this. But if you’re a Twi-hard and you need your hourly fix of Edward and Bella or if you weren’t able to catch the preview last night, then here it is in all its glory!

And if you’re a fan, then you might also want to check out what else the world of Twilight has to offer! So here’s a look at just one of the awesome 6-inch figures we’ve got available from NECA’s awesome collection.

Like This!

Green Lantern Retro-Dolls: SINESTRO

Mark Strong takes on the role of Sinestro in the upcoming Green Lantern feature film and it’s some inspired casting that only seems confirmed in its awesomeness by the above trailer.

And, of course, with the coming of the highly-anticipated movie, there’s bound to be a fresh wave of new merchandise, including a great line of movie-themed action figures–not to mention some great figures based on the recent comic arc, Blackest Night.

But we’ve also got a special line that’s come out recently and it’s a throw-back to yesteryear and a glimpse into figures of a simpler time: the Retro-Action DC Heroes quasi-plush line. Check them out here or see our latest addition, the villainous Sinestro, right here:


Arriving this month, you can order the first series of 3.75-inch figures from the upcoming CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER film. The first series has THREE figures of Cap himself, plus a Winter Soldier for good measure. Take a look.

Ultimates Cap, 1940s Battlefield Cap and my personal favourite for overkill Missle-Launching Cap look great even at so small a scale and Winter Soldier adds some much needed variety. As ever, you can purchase these guys individually or get them as a complete set to save a full $6.85.