Voltron Lion gift set roars, announcing 30th anniversary

From Toynami comes this 11-inch beast, in honor of the series Voltron: Defender of the Universe‘s 30th anniversary! LED light-up eyes and die-cast construction are just a couple of the awesome features this figure presents. A signature Voltron badge makes this piece unique and distinct. The badge transforms into a key that activates further light and sound features on the custom base that makes Voltron over 13 inches tall when displayed.

Additionally, the gargantuan Voltron separates into separate miniature lions, and comes with the “lion’s mouth” blade accessory, complementing the “lion’s roar” sound feature perfectly. All of this is wrapped up in a special, retro anniversary box package. This is an ideal gift for the Voltron-head in your circle, and it’s ready now.

Classic series Voltron: Defender of the Universe is revived with this anniversary figurine.

Classic series Voltron: Defender of the Universe is revived with this anniversary figurine.

FUTURAMA: 6” Bender Figure with NEW Head-Sculpt!

Good news, everyone!

Futurama’s BENDER returns with a new head-sculpt, joining in with the rest of the Futurama collection over at CmdStore.com!

The booze-swigging, foul-mouthed, slacker of a robot is definitely the fan favourite on the recently-revived sci-fi series and it’s no surprise that Toynami is reissuing him for any fans who missed the first wave. Pre-orderable now, he arrives in July to join the likes of Zapp Brannigan, Amy Wong, Professor Farnsworth and, of course, a number of alternate versions of himself (including ‘Chef’).

The new Bender boasts a new mouth (speaking) and eyes you can switch out move to create a number of  different expressions.

Naruto Shippuden PVC Figures: Series 3

Itachi and Sasuke have arrived to join the NARUTO section on our website!

From TOYNAMI, the figures stand about 6 inches tall and look absolutely great, bringing weapons and accessories with them to complete the character-accurate look. Itachi and Sasuke can be purchased together or individually and they join a couple of Naruto figures in this collection, which I have to say is almost sure to go quickly: these guys are really popular and really sought-after.

Futurama 6 Inch Action Figures: Series 8 is Here!

The eighth series of Toynami’s Futurama action figures has now arrived and it in stock over at CmdStore.com. As usual, of course, the series is a mere two figures (they do like to keep us wanting more) and this duo consists of Chef Bender and the megalomaniacal CEO known only as “Mom”. Each one comes with a part of Roberto, the collection’s latest Build-a-Figure, and stands about 7 or 8 inches tall. The design of the figures is naturally very simple, but as such very faithful to the show. Check out the new ones here, along with previously-released items.

And what else is new in the world of Futurama? Well, as you probably already know, the show’s coming back for an all-new season. But with details scarce, Newsarama turned to voice actor Phil LaMarr (Hermes) to fill them in on what the new shows will bring! His answers weren’t exactly revelatory, but it’s always good to hear it’s actually happening.

Newsarama: What is the deal with the new season of Futurama? When is that starting up again?

Phil Lamarr: Not positive. I believe either Summer or Fall of this year. I mean, I don’t know for certain, but it should be ready. Just technically, from when we started recording to the amount of time it usually takes these things to get done. Whether they start airing when they’re ready, I don’t know.

Nrama: When did you guys start recording?

Lamarr: We started last fall. Fall of 2009…the new episodes, in my opinion, are the best yet. They’re really, really funny. Some of them are really, really thoughtful as well. The guys have come back to the show with renewed energy. The writers and producers. And they’re happy to be back, and know the world and the characters so well that they’re able to…it feels like they’re better at it. They’re able to do more with it than they were before.

Nrama: Any hints you can drop? Is there anything you’re allowed to say?

Lamarr: The question is, is there anything I remember? [laughs] They haven’t actually said, ‘Don’t say this.’ Are there any super surprises that come back? Hmm, well, I don’t want to ruin any of the guest stars. There are some topical episodes, but topical a thousand years in the future.

Nrama: Any returning characters we might not be expecting?

Lamarr: So far I don’t think there is anyone you wouldn’t be expecting, except maybe a Vice President or two. [laughs]

Futurama Figures: Series 7

Good news, everyone!

We’ve got two new Futurama toys now added to the slowly-growing collection of figures from Toynami. Joining the already-released items are Hermes and Professor Farnsworth, both of whom include office accessories from Planet Express–Farnsworth even includes Leela’s beloved pet, Nibbler. The 6-inch figure line has already seen the release of Fry, Leela, Bender, Amy, Cloberella, Nudar, Captain Yesterday, Calculon, Zapp Brannigan and Kiff Kroker, some of whom might seem peculiar choices to have been released before these two staples of the Planet Express staff, but all is now right with the world.

In fact, while we’re talking about Futurama making things right with the world, let’s remember this summer’s awesome news that Futurama would be returning in 2010. It was made official, which delighted fans in June and then terrified them when the news broke that contract negotiations and a heavily reduced budget would mean they might need to recast the voice actors.

Fortunately, any fears were put aside following an explanation from cast member Maurice Lamarche later in the summer and now we need only sit back and wait for June 2010 to roll out with 26 new episodes of the show.

To learn more about the series’ triumphant return to TV, check out this article from Newsday, which is not only a crash course on the series, but gives fans a tantalizing tidbit about the potential name for the first new episode!

And finally, here’s a video compiled by a very awesome youtube user who has compiled every Futurama heading since the very beginning! Take a look:

Good News, Everyone! Futurama Officially Returns! Plus, Figures!

That’s right, Futurama is coming back, thanks to fans and the guys at Comedy Central. A 26 episode order has been made and I couldn’t be more excited that a show that never got its due even in 5 stellar seasons is getting a second chance, a la Family Guy (though, if you ask me, FG was better before it came back). Sure, it’s over a year away right now, but we can always use the DVDs, movies and merchandise to kill the time until we can again bask in the glory of the Hypnotoad.

So before I get to the article, you can take a look at the Toynami Futurama figures we’ve got for sale at our online store. Just click the pic below!

PasteMagazine.com tells us…
Until not too long ago, news of animated series Futurama coming back on air was little more than some very solid hearsay. What a difference a day makes: Twentieth Century Fox will indeed produce 26 new episodes of the show for Comedy Central.
“It’s sweet, and basically everybody who has worked on the show wants it to come back,” Matt Groening, who created the show with David X. Cohen, told Variety. “I choose to believe it’s more than the economic situation. People had a good time working on this show.” The new season, which will begin in winter 2010, will feature Billy West, Katey Sagal and John DiMaggio, who voiced the main characters during the show’s original run from 1999 to 2003.

Although the networks, talent and fans of the series are excited about its resurrection, there will undoubtedly be a few hurdles. “The animation on Futurama has always been so intricate, and there are costs associated with that,” 20th Century Fox TV chairman Gary Newman said. Changes in production, such as hiring a smaller writing team, have been necessary, and Newman notes that no one, “including the studio,” will be getting rich on the endeavor.

But aside from these few behind-the-scenes changes, Futurama fans who have been supporting the show for the last six years by buying DVDs and watching re-runs will be pleased to know that the year 3000 will look very similar on Comedy Central as it did on Fox