Army Men on Patrol: Toy Story 3 Lego Set #7595

If you’re anything like me, the wait for Toy Story 3 has you as excited as it does apprehensive: can anything really live up to the first two? Can Pixar continue its unbroken winning streak? Is Cars 2 really coming out when Incredibles 2 has yet to be written? So many questions!

We can’t exactly answer them with LEGO, but we can at least temporarily distract ourselves by playing with the latest addition to the Toy Story LEGO collection: Army Men on Patrol!

It comes with: 4 Lego-fied Army Men minifigures, a jeep (with spare tire) and a stretcher for any injured soldiers. Taking a look at the reviews, they are overwhelmingly positive and who can blame Lego fans for loving these? The army men and their Jeep are exactly the kinds of things that translate to this format perfectly.

CmdStore: Now with LEGO!

AND MORE! Over at CmdStore, we’ve just opened up a brand new section devote to the world’s favourite building block toy: LEGO! From all your favourite LEGO licenses to the massively popular BIONICLE and Hero Factory, we’re proud to roll out these collections. Some are in-stock, others are pre-orders, but we’re thrilled to have ’em and hope you’re thrilled to see ’em.

And for Lego video game hoping see to have more control over their virtual building blocks than the current franchises (Batman, Indiana Jones, Star Wars…) allow, there’s some good news on the way. It might also please WoW players, but check out this article from PC World:

Toy construction set company Lego Group plans to launch an MMOG (massively multiplayer online game) in the second half of this year, to be called Lego Universe, said Mark Hansen, director of business development and LEGO lead for the project.

Lego users have long been known for their creative use of the company’s products, so the company is hoping its users will take their creativity online, using virtual Lego bricks to create entire virtual worlds. “There are such endless possibilities for what you can do in this game,” Hansen said.

Hansen revealed some of the details of the game, which was four years in the making, at the 2010 Engage youth entertainment technology conference, being held this week in New York.

Hansen was joined by Ryan Seabury, the creative director for the game and founder of Louisville, Colorado-based NetDevil, which is developing the game for Lego.

“Lego is a modular system, an interconnecting set of parts reconfigurable in different ways. So that should be a natural theme to explore in the game,” Seabury said.

The Lego Universe will be aimed at children 8 to 12 years old, though the company hopes the offering will be appealing to older individuals as well, Hansen said.

Given its target user base, Lego Universe will not compete with World of Warcraft in the carnage department. However, players are tasked with a mission: to help save imagination from the dark forces of evil.

The bad force can be kept at bay only by users’ “imagination and creativity,” Seabury said. Players cannot be killed, but they can be reduced to a pile of unassembled bricks. The idea is to play the game and collect bricks, which will allow users to build more interesting models.

The game will have multiple Lego-based worlds to be explored. Some worlds will have traditional Lego themes, such as pirates, ninjas and castles, while others will be novel for the Lego space. Users can assemble semi-completed components from these worlds into entirely new designs, or they can build new components from scratch, using standard bricks.

Users can also graft behaviors onto their creations. “We’re working on a behavior system that can add life to your properties,” Seabury said. With these, a virtual gallery of Lego creations could actually be run by the creator and other players, rather than just sit there and be admired.

Users will be encouraged to create content, but given the age of its target audience, all content will be reviewed by moderators before it is put into the public forums, Hansen said.

At this point, the online game has been designed to be accessed by a standalone application, one currently running only on PCs, though the development team is looking into creating a version for the Apple Mac systems. The game will be a subscription-based service. Lego did not disclose the price.

Lego, an abbreviation of the Danish words “Leg Godt,” or “play well,” produces about 19 billion building elements a year, which are sold in more than 130 countries worldwide, according to the company.

Although new to the online gaming space, Lego already has some credibility in the geek universe, not the least for its Mindstorms kits, which allow users to build some simple computational intelligence into their creations.

Toy Story: Buzz Lightyear SDCC 2009

Just hearing that familiar music was enough to bring back dozens of fond memories when I saw the Toy Story 3 trailer a couple months back. If you don’t remember it or missed it the first time around, then here’s a look.

I can’t wait. The original cast returns, with the sad exception of the late Jim Varney, whose character Slinky Dog will instead be voiced by actor Blake Clark. And joining the cast are the likes of Timothy Dalton, Jeff Garlin, Whoopi Goldberg, Bonnie Hunt and a few other notable names.

With Clash of the Titans, the Wolf Man, The A-Team, Kick-Ass and now Toy Story 3, 2010 is already shaping up to be a banner year at the movies!

And of course, with the TS3 announcement, there was already excitement at the San Diego Comic Con. To capitalize on the fervor, Mattel released an Exclusive Buzz Lightyear figure that we now have available at CmdStore! Take a look!