Play Arts Kai Atlas from Titanfall is now ready to ship!

This instantly recognizable character from the acclaimed video-game release Titanfall has gotten the 10-inch treatment by Square Enix’s Play Arts Kai line. Here, Atlas leaps off the screen and into three-dimensional form, staying true to the original design that focused on Atlas as a deadly weapon.

He’s not to be messed with here — the machine of destruction achieves a weathered look with a meticulous paint job. Other features include an articulated spherical camera and a cockpit hatch that can be opened and closed. The original Titan’s shoulder joint can be shifted outwards with double-jointed elbows so he can hold his weapon with both hands. Order him today and don’t miss out!

Wouldn't want to be on his bad side.

Wouldn’t want to be on his bad side.

Harness the power of the Infinity Gauntlet to protect your loose change!

Another collaboration between toymakers Monogram and Marvel is here! The legendary Infinity Gauntlet was designed to hold six of the “soul gems” or Infinity Gems, and it represents a combination of powers that allow its wearer to do whatever they desire. Originally possessed by the ancient Elders of the Universe, the crazed Titan Thanos then snatched them up. At first, they were ruled as too dangerous to use together because of the massive amount of capability held within them, but when the Living Tribunal law against them was lifted, it was game on! Whether time travel or endless manipulation of space is your game, the Gauntlet can make its wearer totally omnipotent.

Now your spare change can be guarded by the mighty force of the Gauntlet! This piggy bank stands seven inches tall and is the perfect size for hanging out on a shelf or in a treasured spot alongside your other Marvel collectibles. Own it now.

Infinity Gems are forever.

Infinity Gems are forever.


Lookin’ rough.

You’ll recall at the end of Arkham Asylum (hope the spoiler warning has expired after a couple years), Joker got all hopped up on TITAN and became something…well…a little different from what we were used to. It had serious ramifications for his health in Arkham City, but for that one boss battle, it was pretty interesting. And now it’s been rendered in full-on figure form.

Standing a whopping 11-inches(!) high, he’s huge, intimidating and a strange blend between cool and ridiculous. Perfect for the Joker, really.