ROBIN (Tim Drake version) swings dramatically into action as an 8-inch Play Arts figure, part of the Kai series– which means extra detail, accessories and articulation. It’s a stunner. His look is based on his appearance in the hit game Arkham City and it captures the darkness of the design. If you’re a fan of the character or the game and want an awesome way to celebrate it, we definitely recommend this deluxe figure.

Batman ARKHAM CITY – Batman, Harley and Robin Figures

Batman, Harley Quinn and Robin (Tim Drake) have now arrived and are in-stock in our awesome Arkham Asylum and Arkham City section. You can grab them individually or as a three-figure set. The Batman figure is notable as it features an unmasked Bruce Wayne suffering from the very same ailment that afflicted the Joker in the game (and in this NYCC Exclusive variant figure), making it a great complement to the more healthy hero in the last game.


The NEW figures for next week’s ARKHAM CITY are now available for pre-order and if the first images are anything to go by, fans are going to eat these up. Check out Series 1:

With a cowl-free Batman, a hard-rock Harley Quinn and a hooded Tim Drake Robin, this series brings a lot to the table and DC Direct should be very proud.

Each figure stands 7 inches tall and comes with character- and game-accurate accessories where applicable. They join the equally successful Arkham Asylum figures in this growing collection and will be shipping in December of this year!

And if you want something tailored for super-fans and collectors, then look no further than these…

The KAI SERIES Arkham Asylum figures from Play Arts. THese ones are a little bigger at 8 inches and boast improved articulation, amazing levels of detail and a number of great accessories. You should definitely pre-order this pair if you’re looking for a brilliant addition to your display shelf. They ship out in early 2012!