Fall in love with the DC Collectible Joker and Harley Quinn 2nd Edition statue

Marilyn and JFK have got nothing on these two. Celebrate the most epic comic book love story of all time with the DC Collectible Joker and Harley Quinn 2nd Edition statue. The Clown Prince of Crime and Ms. H. Quinn herself are clasped in a sensually elegant embrace. Maybe the Joker channeled his romantic side and took Harley to tango lessons? We can only wonder.

Sculpted by artist Tim Bruckner, this gorgeous statue is 10 inches tall and is a three-dimensional re-imagination of the cover of the hugely popular “Batman: Harley Quinn #1” comic. Go ahead and pick one up, puddin’!


Overlooking Gotham on a gargoyle: new Batman statue from DC

Since the name “Batman” is practically synonymous with “superhero” in 20th- and 21st-century pop-culture imagination, it’s more than fitting that he gets the painstakingly detail-oriented sculpture treatment here. Postured in stoic, pensive form on a gargoyle overlooking Gotham City, this sculpture embodies all of the dark, urban melancholy that made the comic-book series so renowned.

This miniature statue is based on the artistic stylings of Jim Lee and sculpted by DC collaborator Tim Bruckner. What sets this figure apart is its metallic silver finish, lending a moonlit, rainy glisten to the well-known Batman costume. He is six inches tall and created specifically for display, a comely reminder of the gargantuan franchise that made the bat-winged crusader so famous.

Because Gotham always needs a shiny, caped protector.

Because Gotham always needs a shiny, caped protector.

Frank Miller’s SUPERMAN

Based on his appearance in The Dark Knight Returns, Superman swoops in to save (or ruin?) the day.

Sculpted by Tim Bruckner, this all-new statue is about 10 inches tall and boasts hand painting and a porcelain cast. It’s one for fans of the modern classic comic and we promise it’ll look pretty incredible on your display shelf. It’s a stunner.