Custom Portal Gun

We know you’ve been having a hard time deciding what colour portal gun would be best. We know that you’ve been playing Portal 3 on single- and multi-player and looking at the guns and struggling to figure out which one suits you.

We’re happy to inform you that you no longer need to fret: get ready to mix and match with this Portal 2 Custom Portal Gun! You can create your own model with different stripes and decals and be creating portals in no time! (pending the creation of portal technology)

PORTAL : Turret Plush with Sound

You know we think Valve is spoiling us, so we’re just going to keep on loving it with this Turret Plush from Portal. Standing just over a foot high, this plush turret’s even got a light-up “eye” lens and speaks a number of lines direct from the game. Unfortunately, though, ThinkGeek wasn’t able to fit it with working machine guns, but we’re thinking that’s a fair concession. Order now and get it in February!

PORTAL: Companion Cube Messenger Bag

This Portal 2 messenger bag is something you basically just need to get. If you’ve played Portal, you probably loved it. And if you loved it, then you’re probably going to want this– that’s sort of how Portal works.

This bag makes a perfect tote for your textbooks, your laptop or just a collection of anything you find around the house that you can stuff in there for an excuse to go out with a sweet Companion Cube bag.

Portal : Companion Cube Keychain

Yet more awesomeness for Portal fans comes in November with the arrival of a ton of these Companion Cube keychains.

Naturally, you only get one and it might come in handy one day, carrying your keys, helping you reach high places, At the end of its run, you might be asked to toss it into the incinerator. Feel free to do so. We won’t judge you.

Inflatable Balloonicorn

Team Fortress 2 fan? Well, then you already know this guy.

The Balloonicorn is the latest way that ThinkGeek has answered the prayers of a legion of proud geeks. Where once we may have struggled to acquire any form of TFII merch, the inflatable Balloonicorn is now being added to a couple character figures and a super-exclusive sandvich in a hopefully growing collection. From hoof to horn, this guy is about 3 feet tall and if you’re looking to order, you can do it right now for delivery in February 2013.