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The Wolfman Stylized 9-inch Figure from Mezco

I absolutely adore stylized figures. Whether it’s the Marvel Mighty Muggs or the Star Trek Quogs, an different artistic take on the realism normally sought in figures is definitely refreshing. Which is why I was so pleased to see this being added to our stock over at Cmdstore.com:

A brand new toy from the folks at Mezco, it’s a great addition to the existing hyper-realistic Wolfman figures released in conjunction with the film. Whether or not you loved the film (I would actually have preferred a longer, more developed cut), it’s hard to deny that Benicio Del Toro went all-out on the character and the exaggerated designs of this 9-inch roto-cast figure really help accentuate the wildness and savagery of the changed Lawrence Talbot. The detail is impressive and the posing does a great job of capturing the character’s movement.

Shipping in late summer, you can pre-order now to get your hands on what is sure to be a very popular figure. I know I’ll be snagging it ASAP!

French Wolfman Poster: Pure Awesome!

The Wolfman poster above is one of a few American posters the studio released ahead of the 2010 film. It features the beautiful Emily Blunt and only the mere suggestion of the beast Larry Talbot (Benicio del Toro) has become. The other posters (seen here at WorstPreviews.com) feature a look at the monster himself, or at least at Del Toro, but theres something truly evocative and eerie about the absence of the Wolfman from the image: Blunt’s terrified Gwen Conliffe hides from something she can’t see and we the viewer are of little help, equally as likely to be surprised by his sudden presence as she. It’s a touch of class in a sea of posters that seem too desperate for attention.

But even it seems to pale in comparison to the French poster, whose minimalist approach and brilliant use of visual cues (the strength and weakness of the character, the Victorian styling, the secrecy implied by the fact we’re behind his back and, of course, the snarling wolf at the top of the cane) bring class, sophistication and genuine beauty to the tragic horror of the film.

I love it. It’ll definitely be the one that goes up on my wall even before the movie hits theatres.

And, naturally, because this is an action figure blog and I am hopelessly devoted to the pursuit of toys (and Benicio Del Toro’s career), here’s a link to pre-order Mezco’s brilliant 6-inch and 12-inch figures. I’ll be snagging these ASAP.