New Bruce Wayne Medicom/Sideshow Figure!

Sideshow Toys is responsible for some of the best and brightest figures and statues out there today, from Iron Man to Star Wars, Alien to Indiana Jones and X-Men to Batman. They’ve got a ton of great licenses, an incredible design team and can boast some of the most detailed likenesses you’re likely to find. And now that they’re also distributing Hot Toys, Medicom and more, their line-up is becoming even more impressive.

The latest figure from Medicom via Sideshow is this RAH Bruce Wayne from The Dark Knight.  Standing 12 inches tall, he’s an awesome-looking figure and the likeness to actor Christian Bale is near-perfect (it’s actually better in-person than in the promo pic above). It features a real cloth suit for a look based on Bruce Wayne’s outfit seen here:

Fans of the film or collectors of fine figures will definitely want to check this one out. It joins the other Batman figures available over at

Batman The Dark Knight Action Figures

I’ve always been a huge Batman fangirl AND a lover of action figures, so it’s looking like June’s going to be an awesome month for me and the like-minded, with 2 new 13” figures and a repainted box set heading to our shelves at the online store

First up, we’ve got the DC Direct 13-inch Deluxe Classic Batman Figure (seen above!). Though darkness is the rule for most modern-day incarnations of the Dark Knight (barring The Brave and the Bold), it’s great to see this throwback to a time when the bat symbol had a yellow background and the cowl had angry eyebrows.

This incredible 13” Two-Face figure from Hot Toys and DC Direct is another stunner and it brings my favourite Batman villain to life with complete loyalty to Aaron Eckhart’s masterful portrayal of Harvey Dent in last summer’s The Dark Knight.

The Legends of the Dark Knight box set isn’t entirely new: the figures are repainted versions of existing figures, using a more sinister palette than the previous toys. Not exactly a swell deal for those who prefer to mod their own figures, but definitely something that’ll appeal to collectors.

The Newest from Hot Toys: GCPD Joker

The lastest item from the folks at Sideshow and Hot Toys is this incredible rendering of Heath Ledger’s Joker as he appeared in the mayoral assassination scene of The Dark Knight. Standing 12”, the level of detail on both the face and the real cloth uniform is staggering: it’s a toy that has to be seen in person to truly be appreciated. Just click the image above to take a closer look! It’s available only as a pre-order now and ships in December of this year.

We’ve also got some other very cool Hot Toys figures, including Batman and other versions of Joker, and here’s a look at the rest…