Breaking Bat : BANE AND BATMAN

The Dark Knight Rises featured a number of truly iconic scenes, but this one probably takes the cake. Bane “breaking” Batman was one of the moments that we were all anticipating, but could still scarcely believe when it came.

Now, the folks at DC Direct have recreated this brutal sequence as a 1:6 scale statue. It’s one of the most impressive-looking statues DC Direct has ever made and one that’s sure to make a great addition to any Bat-fan’s display.

The Dark Knight Rises – Batman Bust

Batman never uses guns, but an EMP rifle is okay by him. Based on his appearance in The Dark Knight Rises, this Batman bust is a great tribute to the end of the incredible trilogy. Made from cold-cast porcelain and carefully hand-painted, this 6-inch bust makes a fantastic addition to any Bat-fan’s display shelf. Order now and it ships out in November!


BRUCE WAYNE’s transformation into BATMAN is more than just putting on a suit: he becomes another man. You can recreate this change with a brand new figure that was an SDCC Exclusive this year and has finally become available to those who missed out.

The film-accurate figure is packed in a special “lights and sounds” box, featuring a Wayne Manor exterior and opening up to reveal a Bat-Cave full of protective armor and a ton of crime-fighting accessories. Fans of the film franchise or just general Bat-fans should definitely snag this one.

Batmobile Tumbler visits BC Canada

BC Cancer Foundation and Andy Smith, Batmobile builder and cancer survivor teamed up to bring the Batmobile Tumbler to Vancouver for an up close and personal experience.

Andy Smith received his treatment at the BC Cancer Agency in Vancouver. Smith has made the vehicle accessible to the BC Cancer Foundation in an effort to give back and say thank you to those who helped him fight the deadly disease.

We are taking orders for the release of the Batman Tumbler Batmobile.  It is a one sixth scale model size which means it is scaled to go with a 12 inch action figure.

Batman The Dark Knight  Vehicle - Batmobile - Tumbler


From the always amazing DCWOMENKICKINGASS comes a look at an upcoming TDKR statue featuring Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle…

DC Direct will be issuing a lot of collectibles for The Dark Knight Rises and here’s a official look at a few pieces at a Catwoman 6” statue and really shows off the high boot of the Catwoman costume…

Two New Bat-Toys! Sideshow’s Sonar Batman and Ame-Comi’s Duela Dent

Hot toys and Sideshow come together once again for the recently-arrived 1:6 scalre Sonar Batman from The Dark Knight. It was a pivotal scene in the film, when Batman activated the sonar equipment installed by Lucius Fox and in doing so brought to the screen the glowing white-eyed look so iconic to Batman in the comics. Fan service? Perhaps, but it worked and worked well so it’s no surprise that it’s been commemorated in this figure.

Standing about 12 inches tall and featuring 32 points of articulation, the figure also comes with a ton of accessories and switchable parts. Grappling gun, batarangs, alternate hands and…well, it gets better as you can read in the description: “One head features the Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS), which allows the life-like eyeballs to be moved in any direction, much like human eyes! The alternate head features the sonar vision devise, with button cell batteries allowing the eyes to light up!”. That’s right, movable eyes and light-up ones. Does it get better? Maybe with the LED-lit stand to bathe your figure in white light on the display shelf. It’s an amazing piece for any collector.

And while we’re sure you probably already own it, how about some links to The Dark Knight on DVD and Blu-Ray, in case you’ve been remiss in picking it up…
The Dark Knight (+ BD Live) [Blu-ray]

The Dark Knight (Two-Disc Special Edition + Digital Copy with Exclusive Steelbook Packaging)

For Bat-fans seeking something a little different and more comic-oriented, a lesser-known character is joining a familiar line-up. Check outDuela Dent, decked out with steampunk flair Rumoured to be Joker’s daughter, but bearing the Dent surname after Harvey (and his wife, Gilda), she’s a crazed villainess who actually claims to be the child of a myriad of Batman’s rogues. Not that identity crises are anything new to the DC Universe, right? Shipping in February 2011, Duela joins the DC Direct Ame-Comi collection of PVC figures. And looks great doing it.

New from Sideshow/Hot Toys: SONAR Batman

The Sideshow and Hot Toys line of 12-inch Batman figures represents the pinnacle of high-end toys, bringing to a collector’s shelf all that was and is awesome about Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The detail on the expressions, every smeared bit of makeup on The Joker’s face or indent in Batman’s thick rubber armor is reflected in these items. The sculptors have truly outdone themselves.

Having already seen the release of multiple Batman Begins and revamped TDK Batman, Bruce Wayne, The Joker, Bank Heist Joker and Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Hot Toys now brings us a figure that captures one of the most exciting scenes in the film, which sees Batman forced to use echolocation to find his enemies, thus getting the signature all-white eyes we see so often in the comics. It’s an awesome part of the movie and makes a great figure.