Breaking Bat : BANE AND BATMAN

The Dark Knight Rises featured a number of truly iconic scenes, but this one probably takes the cake. Bane “breaking” Batman was one of the moments that we were all anticipating, but could still scarcely believe when it came.

Now, the folks at DC Direct have recreated this brutal sequence as a 1:6 scale statue. It’s one of the most impressive-looking statues DC Direct has ever made and one that’s sure to make a great addition to any Bat-fan’s display.

The Dark Knight Rises – Batman Bust

Batman never uses guns, but an EMP rifle is okay by him. Based on his appearance in The Dark Knight Rises, this Batman bust is a great tribute to the end of the incredible trilogy. Made from cold-cast porcelain and carefully hand-painted, this 6-inch bust makes a fantastic addition to any Bat-fan’s display shelf. Order now and it ships out in November!


What if Gotham’s saviour were a potato? It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself many times, but now you have an answer.

The caped crusader has never looked better or more potato-ish than he has here as a special edition Mr. Potato Head. Sold complete with a batarang and dressed in a far rounder version of his Nolanverse costume, he’s one that collectors are sure to enjoy, whether for a love of the Dark Knight or the more whimsical versions of their favourite characters. This one is definitely a unique way to celebrate the end of an incredible trilogy.


BRUCE WAYNE’s transformation into BATMAN is more than just putting on a suit: he becomes another man. You can recreate this change with a brand new figure that was an SDCC Exclusive this year and has finally become available to those who missed out.

The film-accurate figure is packed in a special “lights and sounds” box, featuring a Wayne Manor exterior and opening up to reveal a Bat-Cave full of protective armor and a ton of crime-fighting accessories. Fans of the film franchise or just general Bat-fans should definitely snag this one.

The Dark Knight RISES – JOHN BLAKE

JOHN BLAKE was definitely the break-out character of The Dark Knight Rises, coming from seemingly nowhere (he’s nowhere to be found in the Batman canon) and stealing the show in a lot of ways. And that’s no easy feat when you have Anne Hathaway’s brilliant take on Catwoman and Tom Hardy’s brutal Bane to compete with, not to mention the rest of the talented cast.

Now, Movie Masters has created a John Blake figure, featuring a likeness of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He comes with a piece of the make-your-own Bat Signal, as though you needed any more reason to collect ’em all.

The Dark Knight Rises – CATWOMAN Statue

SELINA KYLE steps down a staircase in a war-torn Gotham City in this new statue from DC Direct.

Designed at the 1:12 scale, it’s a stunning little piece that makes a great addition to any collection. Celebrating the release of the epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, Selina is joined in the line by Bane and Batman. Grab ’em all!

The Dark Knight Rises – CATWOMAN STATUE

Don’t be fooled– this Catwoman statue stands only 7 inches tall, but she’s perfectly (no, not purrfectly) balanced with the 12-inch scale figures of Bane and Batman, with her crouched position the only reason for her reduced height. Featuring a stunning likeness of Anne Hathaway’s Selina Kyle, the figure is already available to order, ahead of the highly-anticipated release of The Dark Knight Rises. Grab it today!