NECA presents the 8-Bit Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

We’ll bet you’ve never seen Leatherface like this before. Channel your nostalgia for the delightfully terrifying Texas Chainsaw Massacre with this 8-Bit Leatherface from NECA’s Classic Video Game series. He may be seven inches tall and in three dimensions, but he looks like he just jumped out of the Atari 2600 way back in 1982.

Clad in the all-green kit seen in the now-super-rare side-scrolling gaming experience, Leatherface has over 25 points of articulation and comes with a real vinyl apron and chainsaw accessory. Paint deco effects allow him to stay true to the game aesthetic, and a collectors’ box is an homage to the original game cartridge. He’s a piece of history, to say the least, so click on the photo below and snap him up now!


All green everything.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre turns 40 with the Ultimate Leatherface

Stuff’s about to get real. As this iconic horror film has turned 40, it’s time to celebrate in the most gory ways fitting. Here is the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 40th Anniversary Deluxe Series Ultimate Leatherface, a very special 2015 release for all you creepy weirdos who don’t mind a little blood. NECA has fashioned this figure in seven-inch form to stand a little bit taller than your other standard collectibles (just enough to intimidate them!).

The 1974 film aesthetic is reproduced in remarkable detail here as Leatherface’s all-new body boasts over 25 points of articulation, interchangeable hands, chainsaw, knife, mallet, meat hook, cleaver and a vinyl apron. It all comes in special “birthday” window box packaging so the party never ends. Watch your back.

Bae goals.

Bae goals.

Throw it back to 1974 with the Formal Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Who can forget the iconic and now-classic 1974 film masterpiece Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Whether you were entertained and shocked by the gore or eagerly took it in with morbid fascination, we’ve got something for you. Check out this movie-accurate Formal Leatherface, clad in his elegant dinner attire for a new, more polished look.

Never before seen in a Leatherface figure, this piece features highly detailed and tailored fabric clothing that has him ready for even the most posh of soirées. He stands eight inches tall and comes with the newly sculpted “Pretty Woman” version of his unforgettable mask. A chainsaw weapons accessory is the icing on the cake of this grisly creation.

What if you woke up next to that face?

What if you woke up next to that face?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s 40th anniversary fêted with release of Leatherface retro doll

Eight inches of ghastly, morbid, blood-specked wonder is here in the character of Leatherface! Poised with a chainsaw in his left hand and a mallet in his right, ready to strike, Jedidiah “Jed” Sawyer hearkens back to the incarnation of the 1974 film. Appearing in seven films from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, Jed gets his kicks from wearing masks made of human skin. Very grisly.

Like the figures that first distinguished the action-figure market, he’s dressed totally in fabric garb — complete with his red-spattered apron. NECA have outdone themselves here. This preorder ships in December, so hop on it now.


Nice to meat you.