There’s a brand new Terminator bust from the folks at Sideshow and it looks absolutely stunning! Based on the most recent entry to the franchise, Terminator: Salvation, it’s a beautiful piece of work that you’ve really gotta see.

The T-700 bust is life-size and thus about 13 inches tall with the nameplate and base. Rendered with a brilliant, textured endoskeleton finish, T-700 also boasts light-up eyes that really bring the terrifying robot to life. It would definitely make an impressive addition to any movie fan’s display shelf.

New Sideshow Figure: Final Battle John Connor

The new Final Battle John Connor figure allows you to add another Christian Bale figure to your shelf if Bruce Wayne/Batman was not enough. A rendering of the actor in the role he played in last year’s Terminator: Salvation, the 12-inch figure comes to us from Sideshow and comes with a number of film-accurate accessories to make this not only a great showpiece, but a true collector’s item.

If you’re a fan of the Terminator franchise, be sure to check it out. And here’s a list of the figure’s features and accessories!

* Field jacket
* Pants
* T-shirt
* Tactical belt
* Tactical vest
* Backpack
* Headset
* Radio with pouch
* Pistol magazine pouch
* Shoulder pad
* Drop leg panels
* Grenade with holder
* Armband
* Tactical gloves
* Assault boots
* HK416 with tactical red dot sight
* M203 grenade launcher with elastic sling
* Pistol with holster
* Fully articulated Hydrobot with light-up function
* Battle-damaged endoskeleton environmental display base

Terminator Salvation and some awesome Terminator Toys

Soon, the upcoming Terminator Salvation will be known for more than Christian Bale’s psychotically angry rant (though I’ll admit I’m thankful that it gave us this profanity-laden dance remix) and fans of the machine-driven action films will be able to see if Bale can help resurrect another less-than-vital franchise. Here’s a look at the trailer for the latest entry. It looks awesome.

Of course, it’s easy to miss Arnold Schwarzenegger (I’m kind of proud of myself for spelling that correctly in one go), but promises of a cameo definitely help. I can’t wait to see how they pull it off. The premiere was yesterday in L.A., but fans will have to wait until May 21st to get a chance to see it.

In other Terminator news, we’re also offering a bunch of really cool items over at our online store, so be sure to check it out. We’ve got a couple right here, but you can also peruse the complete McFarlane Terminator section or the Sideshow Terminator 12” figures.