The Choking – Simpsons Tee at RIPT

Simpsons fan? And do you like the Lion King, too? Because if you do, then RIPT’s got the perfect shirt for you today.

Featuring a silhouette of Homer and Bart recreating the classic Rafiki and Simba post, it’s an eye-catching addition to your wardrobe.


Koopas have it rough. Like Shyguys and Goombas, they almost never get their story told and usually end up on the wrong side of Mario’s boot, fireball or flashing, invincible body. And now, with today’s TeeFury shirt, they’re about to get kicked…again. So grab the figure above, snag the t-shirt below and join the Koopa Troop– they could really use some help.

DEATH TO REAPERS – A New Mass Effect Tee

Today’s TeeFury tee has all the goodness of Mass Effect without any of the ending-related misery.

Of course, you can wear your pride on your sleeve (and the rest of your upper body) and you can also display it on your shelf with these upcoming Mass Effect figures. Pre-order now, they ship out in May!

A Tee for a Good Cause

Peter Cullen, the man behind Transformers’ Optimus Prime, gets the star treatment on today’s RIPT APPAREL design. The voice actor pulls a Superman in the illustration, which is sure to give you plenty of cred among fans of the Robots in Disguise. Plus, $2 from every shirt sold goes to the Hasbro Children’s Fund, making this a choice that’s as kind as it is cool.