ThunderCats leader LION-O is featured here sporting his classic look as a dynamic 8-inch figure! An SDCC 2011 Exclusive, it’s a great throw-back for those who have loved the character and his world for a long time or a great place to start if you’re a new fan of the 2011 show.

The figure is from Bandai and is highly-detailed, featuring a full 18 points of articulation to allow for some pretty awesome poses. What sets this one apart as an exclusive, though, is its selection of accessories: a sword stand for the Sword of Omens (in two sizes), the Claw Shield and an additional hand. There’s also the paint job, which gives Lion-O’s armour a great metallic shine.


THUNDERCATS figures are now ready to ship out! The first three out of the gate are Lion-O, Panthro and the evil Mumm-Ra at a 6-inch scale. Each one looks absolutely great and is loyal to their original designs. These are real treats for fans.

And following that, you can grab Lion-O and Tygra as 8-inch figures, wielding the Sword of Omens and a cat-o-nine-tails respectively.