The official and authorized 1/4-scale 1978 Superman is here in colossal 18-inch format

Before the Internet and cell phones, there was Superman. Anyone who’s seen the 1978 film couldn’t possibly forget Christopher Reeve’s iconic performance as the flying superhero himself.

Take a look at this 18-inch 1/4-scale 1978 Superman figure from NECA, a true necessity for the quintessential and devoted Superman collector. Featuring the likeness of the actor as authorized by the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and Warner Bros., this offering is truly a treat.

Up up and away *Kid Cudi voice*

Up up and away *Kid Cudi voice*

Adorable Superman is our kryptonite: New Static Arts statuette from Square Enix

Hey, DC Comics fans — we’ve got a totally new re-imagination of Superman that is about to soar into your world with a red cape. Square Enix has brought us this six-inch statuette as part of its DC Variants series, decking out this American cultural icon with a spiffed-up look.

The Static Arts collection uses a high-tech aesthetic as inspiration for rendering our beloved Superman as a mini statuette. Not only is he super cute, but the fine detail we’ve come to expect from Square Enix is re-created here in smaller scale. Quality isn’t sacrificed in the pursuit of making Kal-El adorable. Display him alongside your other DC collectibles or use him to brighten up your desk space!

*Nas voice* Now let me take a trip down Lois Lane.

*Nas voice* Now let me take a trip down Lois Lane.

Superman: Man of Steel statue swoops in, designed by Gary Frank

“People are afraid of what they don’t understand,” uttered Jonathan Kent in 2013’s Superman: Man of Steel. And in a world encompassing complex Middle Eastern political conflicts and cryptic adolescent phrases like “on fleek” all at once, one could say that there is plenty to fear. But let’s charge ahead here, toy-lovers, and knock that big, scary monster straight in the kisser!

Notable DC Comics persona Gary Frank designed this exclusive, fearless creation depicting the caped hero from Man of Steel, the inimitable Superman as sculpted by Tony Cipriano and Josh Sutton. He is seven inches tall, brand-new and released in a limited series of 5,200, so get him while he’s hot, alright? You’ll be glad you did.

This is also what I look like as I leap out of bed every morning.

This is also what I look like as I leap out of bed every morning.

Beyoncé, Star Wars or Vonnegut? Valentine’s Day gift guide for your geeky significant other

Okay, so we all know that in some ways, V-Day is a big corporate scam to get you to spend money on useless stuff in the name of “love”. And when it comes to jewelry, it’s way easy to break the bank in a way that may force you to subsist on bananas and bagels for the rest of the month. But what if you still have a dear one beside you that would love a shiny token of your affection on February 14? Hey, maybe you’d like to receive one, too! Whatever your gifting dilemma, you don’t have to surrender your wallet to ~The Man~ to grab an awesome, original prezzie for your sweetheart or close pal that celebrates all the wonderful things they’re into. Check out these rad jewelry alternatives!

1. Heartbeats necklaces by Erica Weiner

Wanting to create affordable, vintage-looking jewelry with plucky pop-culture references, Brooklyn’s Erica Weiner started out as an art student and costumer for Broadway shows. She began making jewelry after work as a stress-relieving hobby, and now she works with eight to ten other women in her studio to bring her creations to life. Because we think it’s pretty cool to support all-lady owned and operated businesses, these badass Heartbeats lyrics necklaces get our stamp of approval. Whether your jam was sung by Fleetwood Mac, Beyoncé or the Talking Heads, you or your honey can wear some of your favorite lyrics around your neck. (I’ve got the R. Kelly one and I hardly take it off!) They’re $55 USD for oxidized silver for $65 USD for 24k gold-plated, so you can cop some lovely bling without hitting the triple digits. Nice!



2. Superhero cufflinks by CustomSwagger

Treat the dapper lad or lady in your life with this Utah-based Etsy shop’s custom-made cufflinks! You can choose from the Superman logo, Star Wars droid heads, Transformers Decepticon heads and other ‘links inspired by Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Ghostbusters and more. Nothing says “I love you” like tiny Darth Vader heads to hold your cutie pie’s shirt together, right?! At about $12 CAD a pop, these little guys are definitely affordable. And supporting small businesses and at-home artisans is always in style, wethinks!


Source: CustomSwagger on Etsy

3. Out of Print’s literary-themed neck candy

If your beloved’s always got their nose in a book, then Out of Print’s products (based on iconic and classic novels) will totally be their thing. I’m really digging the cursive “Doubleplusgood” necklace referencing George Orwell’s 1984, and this To Kill a Mockingbird inspired charm necklace. The special recipient of this gift can fondly recall The Bell Jar, The Catcher in the Rye, Alice in Wonderland and other legendary works of literature every time they look down. All of their pieces are approximately $30 USD, and if you throw in their Library Stamp tee, Out of Print will send a book to a community in need. Pretty fab!


What are you doing to celebrate with your sweetie pie or dear friends come February 14? (By the way, a solo Netflix and mint-chocolate-chip ice cream marathon counts as celebrating, too.)

San Diego Comic-Con exclusive: Superman: Man of Steel statue

Another in our recently acquired set of comic-con exclusives (see others here, here and here), this black-outfitted 13-inch Superman statue is based on the iconic film Superman: Man of Steel. Man of Steel was the very first installment in the DC film universe, and was a hit at the box office, being praised for its narrative, visuals, fight scenes and re-imagining of the classic Superman character.

Just like in the movie, this rendering has Henry Cavill as Superman looking contemplative and ready to dole out justice. Caped and standing atop a pile of alabaster skulls, he is slightly turned and looking off into the distance. It’s a veritable work of art, and as a statue, it’s truly remarkable. It is a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive offering, which means a limited run and temporary availability. Snag him today!

Now let me take a trip down memory lane.

Now let me take a trip down memory lane.

Wonder Woman smooches Superman under the mistletoe

If you’re the kind of DC Comics enthusiast for whom nothing is more romantic than a blissfully snowy day and a bit of peppermint hot chocolate in your favorite mug, then this statue is as good as yours. In nine-inch mini statue form, Superman and Wonder Woman share a tender kiss underneath a jolly sprig of mistletoe.

As they arise from a cloudy paradise of snow, magic is totally in the air — and now you can grab a piece of it! Styled by Jim Lee, the master behind the artwork for Justice League comic books and graphic novels, the Man of Steel and the Amazon Warrior are the perfect gift for that cute, geeky couple in your circle. Set your eye on them before the holidays are over.

Hopefully there's a second date.

Hopefully there’s a second date.

Because pictures are fun! DC movies, 2016 ’til 2020

Where will you be in six years? Me, I’m a simple person — really, I’ll be happy if I can finally cook something other than ramen in 2020. But DC has far loftier goals than I, apparently. For all of you visual learners out there, here’s a graphic plan of DC movie titles for the next six 365-day carousels of humble human existence. Which will happen if the world doesn’t eventually succumb to a zombie-ebola apocalypse, that is.



The full list, according to Warner Bros. press releases:

  • Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, directed by Zack Snyder (2016)
  • Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer (2016)
  • Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot (2017)
  • Justice League Part One, directed by Zack Snyder, with Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Amy Adams reprising their roles (2017)
  • The Flash, starring Ezra Miller (2018)
  • Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa (2018)
  • Shazam (2019)
  • Justice League Part Two, directed by Zack Snyder (2019)
  • Cyborg, starring Ray Fisher (2020)
  • Green Lantern (2020)