Bring home the magic of SDCC with the Femme Fatales Supergirl statue

Forget Superman, really — we know who the real MVP is. Here’s the Femme Fatales Supergirl Blue SDCC 2015 statue. This nine-inch PVC creation from Playground depicts the resilient Supergirl in a strong, assertive pose, smiling for the haters/anyone who might try to get in her way.

This exclusive Supergirl PVC statue shows her in her blue costume as she appeared in later episodes of Justice League. She comes with a display base and with decorative window-box packaging. Hit the image below to start!


Supergirl from Superman: The Animated Series is here in bust form

Step aside, boys. You’re on her turf now. Take a look at this Superman: The Animated Series Supergirl bust statue, a super-rad collectible from the late ’90s/early ’00s TV show that documents Superman’s plight to conceal his secret identity, Clark Kent.

Here, Diamond Select Toys brings us this six-inch resin bust statue in the form of Superman’s cousin, Kara In-Ze! Sculpted by Steve Varner Studios, she comes with a certificate of authenticity in a full-color box. Click the image below and learn more!


Keep it in the family with the Superman Animated Femmes Fatales Supergirl statue figure

And some people still think Superman is the only one of his kind. Definitely not! Just like us, he’s got his own family ties. Here is the Superman Animated Femmes Fatales Supergirl statue figure, an homage to Superman’s cousin from the planet Krypton!

Diamond Toys has fashioned this nine-inch toy portraying Supergirl in the middle of a show of might, getting ready to hurl herself down from a rock formation to take out a bad guy. Metropolis may be her adopted home, but we’re sure she’ll feel right at home in your collection, too! She sits atop a realistic sculpted base.

Not even Superman can do it all sometimes.

Not even Superman can do it all sometimes.

Play Arts Kai catches Supergirl saving the multiverse from destruction

Few superheroines are as versatile as the incendiary Supergirl. Fresh from her flight from the devastation of Planet Krypton, she wields a deadly weapon (inspired by scenes in the original comics) to fend off the perilous advances of all her enemies.

Savage foes to lethal arch-nemeses are no match for this furious wall of power, and she comes with an interchangeable face piece with a warlike expression to warn trespassers to back off. She’s fashioned in amazing detail, from her golden locks in mid-flight to her battle gear. Play Arts Kai doesn’t disappoint with this 8-inch Kara Zor-El. DC lives on… and on.

(Psst! We’ve also got an 8-inch Superman from the same series. Check him out here.)

The last survivor of Argo City is as striking as she is resilient.

The last survivor of Argo City is as striking as she is resilient.

2011: A Rough Year for DC Women

Over at the phenomenal blog DC Women Kicking Ass, there’s a great, if depressing, countdown of the unpleasantness (and outright disrespect) that has been the fate of many of DC’s women in this, the year of the reboot.

If you’re a fan of DC Comics, if you believe in equality or if you just want to keep your finger on the pulse and know which DC women are kicking ass when, then you should definitely check this out. It’s a great list and might hold the key to pinpointing exactly what has to change in 2012, as we move closer to a comicverse that is as inclusive as possible.

Cover Girls of the DC Universe: SUPERGIRL

Adam Hughes has done it again!

Adding to the DC Statues and PVC figures collection is this new entry to the “Cover Girls of the DC Universe” line, the Adam Hughes-design of classic heroine SUPERGIRL.

With strength and speed, the Girl of Steel blasts up through soil and stone, shattering solid rock, shooting into the stratosphere. As the Kryptonian cousin of Superman, Kara Zor-El has her sights set on the stars, streaking through the heavens in a supersonic blur – a soaring symbol of justice and truth.

Hand-painted, cold-cast in porcelain and measuring approximately 11.75″ high x 4.25″ wide x 5″ deep, this statue is packaged in a 4-color box.

Superman and Supergirl: Now In-Stock!

You might remember our post about the SUPERMAN and SUPERGIRL 2-Pack! And now, I’m pleased to say that the formerly pre-orderable figure set has now arrived!

If you’re a fan of the late, great Michael Turner or his collaboration with Jeph Loeb on SUPERMAN/BATMAN: SUPERGIRL, then be sure to snag this new set, which includes a reprint of the epic, 168-page graphic novel!