Street Fighter Batsu Figures: Ryu, Blanka and E. Honda

More and more, action figures seem to be headed in a highly stylized direction, from adorable Marvel Superhero Squad toys to “Star Wars Mighty Muggs and Gears of War’s stylized Marcus Fenix to the latest addition to our pre-order list…

Street Fighter Batsu figures! The first series of figures based on the classic arcade-game-turned-franchise includes three characters from the original group: sumo wrestler Edmond (E.) Honda, leading man Ryu and the monstrous Blanka. Click the pic to see the whole set of figures, plus all the other Street Fighter merch we’ve got over at CmdStore. The new guys ship in March and can be ordered now!

NECA’s Stylized Marcus Fenix

I still remember the amazing commercial for Gears of War, which was a trailer-style ad that showcased the dark, powerful imagery of the game to the sound of Gary Jules’ haunting cover of ‘Mad World’. If you don’t remember it, take a look right here…

Since that aired, the game has spawned a sequel and is soon to become a trilogy as massively successful as the acclaimed Halo. And with it has come a ton of figures and collectibles that capture the feeling of the game, plus the amazing detail of the armor, weapons and characters themselves. Fans have been spoiled!

But like Star Trek’s Quogs or Halo’s Odd Pods, Gears of War’s collection of figures have been popular enough to allow for more creative designs to be added to the line and that’s what’s brought us this stylized Marcus Fenix from NECA. It’s a great new look for the game’s protagonist and there’s no doubt this one will be popular with fans. You can snag it at! Just click here or on the picture below to check out the whole collection of toys!

You can also check grab the game itself over at!
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