A stunning rendering of an Utapau shadow trooper is the newest release from Sideshow. It’s like these Star Wars figures just keep getting better and better, because this one’s not just good-looking, it features some really great accessories and enough alternate hands to make customization easy! Your display case is barely ready for this one. Check out the list of features:

Articulated Armored Body with over 30 points of articulation
Detailed Fabric Bodysuit
Highly Detailed Full Body Clone Shadow Trooper Armor Set
Phase II Helmet Portrait
One (1) pair flat palm hands
One (1) pair thumbs up hands
One (1) pair closed fists
One (1) pair trigger grip hands
One (1) pair C-grip hands
One (1) right hand with one finger point
One (1) left hand with two finger point
One (1) left hand with two finger spread
One (1) pair standing boot
One (1) pair action boot
BlasTech DC-15A Long Range Blaster Rifle
BlasTech DC-15S Blaster Carbine
Lower support extendable figure stand with Star Wars logo

Star Wars DEWBACK 1:6 Scale Figure from Sideshow

The skin texturing alone on this awesome Dewback figure is awesome and you should definitely check this thing out if you’re a fan of the films and the strange creatures lurking within it. This reptilian beast of burden is a perfect ride for any of the Sideshow characters you may already have gotten.

* Highly detailed and textured Dewback sculpture with detailed paint application
* Tatooine desert base sculpt
* One (1) metal riders lance
* Faux-leather reins
* Four (4) detachable highly detailed and functioning faux-fur and fabric saddlebags
* One (1) detachable roll out shelter
* One (1) detachable faux-fur saddle horn cover

Also available from Sideshow is a gorgeous, deluxe 19-inch Stormtrooper statue that brings the Dark Side’s faceless henchmen to life in a way only Sideshow ever could. Boasting hand-cast armor and real fabric accents, Star Wars fans should consider this a must-have on their display shelves!