Sunstorm MP11-S Masterpiece Transformer

If you’re a transformers fan who goes for the best of the best, then look no further than this amazing rendering of SUNSTORM.

A flaw in the manufacture of Sunstorm’s fusion reactor provides him with the approximation of a transcendent glow, simultaneously causing him to emit terrific heat and electromagnetic waves which damage the internal systems of any fellow Decepticons within his vicinity. Barring the installation of elaborate shielding to contain his corrosive emissions, Sunstorm frequently works alone, and this solitude ostensibly fuels his conviction that he, Sunstorm, is in fact a supernatural being; when in the presence of others his professed supernatural status and subsequent pontifications only succeed in further alienating his teammates. Sunstorm reaches an atmospheric speed of 2400 km/h and 16000 km/h in outer space.

The MP-11S Masterpiece Sunstorm measures 13” long in jet mode and stands 10” high in robot mode. Featuring a ton of articulation for optimum poseability, the figure also boasts arm-mounted guns (removable), decals, missile accessories and a sweet missile-rack display base, which supports both robot and jet modes.


A battle for the ages! Based on their appearance in TRANSFORMERS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE and STARSCREAM arrive in this awesome 2-pack (also featuring some humans, but who cares when the robots in disguise are on the scene?).

The figures themselves are about 6 inches tall, can fully transform and come packaged with 3 full-length Transformers Prime episodes, meaning you can both catch up with the adventures or reenact them!


What’s cooler than a giant robot in a sweet cape?


This new version of Masterpiece Starscream appears to have resculpted and recolored parts, and also comes with the crown and cape from his coronation after the supposed death of Megatron.

The jewel-studded Coronation crown and billowing purple cape depict Starscream’s absurd flourish just before the arrival of the vengeful Galvatron. An intricate mixture of plastic and die cast, the MP-11 Masterpiece Coronation Starscream features arm-mounted guns. Following the calamitous Battle of Autobot City, Starscream finally fulfilled his vainglorious quest for leadership after opportunistically casting the battered Megatron adrift in space. Among the remaining Decepticons gathered in Astrotrain’s cargo hold, Starscream’s self-nomination for Decepticon leader triggered a secondary battle for leadership between Soundwave and the Constructicons. Later, on Cybertron, on the lilting current of a pompous coronation ceremony, Starscream was reverently presented with the resplendent leadership crown—only to be completely destroyed by Galvatron prior to the oration of what would have undoubtedly been a profound morale-boosting inaugural speech.


TAKARA produces some of the best renderings of the most popular and classic characters from the massive Transformers franchise. Now they’ve brought in a new pair of Masterpiece Collection figures of Starscream and Optimus Prime that is sure to please die-hard fans of the robots on disguise. Here’s a look!


Ghost Starscream measures 13” long in jet mode and 10” high in robot mode.

An intricate mixture of plastic and die cast, the almost completely translucent Ghost Starscream features a Gen 1-inspired color scheme. Extensively articulated, the figure is equipped with arm-mounted removable guns, and should be accompanied by decals, missile accessories, and a missile-rack display base configured to support both robot and jet modes; presumably this version will include the same switch-between facial expression feature found in Starscream’s non-spectral Masterpiece counterparts.

In Transformers: The Movie, Starscream seizes an opportunity to eliminate the badly-wounded Megatron, and is later, on Cybertron, amid pompous trumpet fanfare provided by the nonplussed Constructicons, crowned the leader of the Decepticons. Immediately afterwards, Galvatron, the reconstituted version of Megatron, arrives and matter-of-factly destroys the puzzled, crown-adorned Starscream with a single cannon blast. In the cartoon episode “Starscream’s Ghost”, the mendacious Air Commander, discovered by the fugitive Triple Changer Octane in a moldering Decepticon Crypt, returns as a semi-translucent specter. Starscream’s new insubstantial form enables him to take possession of Galvatron’s highest-ranking warriors, providing him with a unique path to vengeance.


Measuring approximately 12” tall, the MP-04S Masterpiece Convoy Sleep Mode & Trailer Complete Version is a mixture of plastic and die-cast, accompanied by Ion Blaster, gun Megatron with scope, stock and silencer, Energon Axe, the Matrix of Leadership, and Trailer/Combat Deck.

The flat-nosed truck mode is outfitted with rubber wheels and working suspension; the robot mode’s aesthetically-integrated articulation provides intricacies such as working finger joints and adjustable mouthplate. Convoy’s opening chest housing grants access to the Matrix of Leadership accessory.

This version of Prime is rendered in the lifeless shades of grey and black assumed by Prime’s chassis in the aftermath of the Decepticons’ assault of Autobot City. Arriving at a crucial moment, Prime plowed through multiple Decepticon warriors in the process of working his way to Megatron. In the ensuing hand-to-hand duel, Megatron, despite his initial boastful vow to destroy Prime with his bare hands, implements every oddly discarded weapon and piece of detritus he can find. When Optimus finally gains the upper hand, retrieving his gun, Hot Rod launches his own blundering attack against Megatron, enabling the Decepticon leader to use Hot Rod as a shield while he blasts Prime repeatedly with a discarded pistol. Prime finally delivers the decisive blow, crushing Megatron’s chest, although he succumbs to his own wounds immediately afterwards. As Perceptor delivers his sorrowful prognosis to the small handful of Autobots surrounding the ebbing Autobot leader, Optimus produces the Matrix of Leadership, bestowing the fabled artifact to the reluctant Ultra Magnus.

Takara Transformers: Starscream and Skywarp

I won’t profess to know too much about Transformers–I’ve always been a Batman fan and my knowledge of the DC Universe is generally my only area of full-on geek expertise. But if there’s one way to win me over to another fandom, it’s to put a cape on it. Which is exactly what’s been done with the two newest additions to our Takara Transformers collection. While looking for figures to post about, I read the words ‘crown’ and ‘cape’ and was already sold.

Frankly, though, I have to ask what the Cybertronian tailors are usually doing with their time because as I understand it, there aren’t a lot of occasions on which clothes are needed for the robots in disguise. But whatever the answer is, they’ve made some fine capes for these metal men and you can snag ’em now over in the Transformers section of CmdStore.

Also new from Transformers, look out for new figures from this summer’s Transformers 2, some Generation 1 reissues (like the Insecticons 3-pack exclusive) and some new items for the Encore collection. Check ’em all out!



Now in-stock, we’ve got the latest toys from the Transformers film franchise! Film-accurate, they offer some amazing levels of detail that’s sure to impress fans of the toys–maybe even those robots-in-disguise purists who prefer the original incarnations of the characters. Right now, it’s a six-figure collection, but you can bet that we’ll be updating with all the latest the moment the rest comes in!

For now, check these out!