She’s here! DC Comics Designer Teen Titans Earth One Starfire

It must be hard to be reduced to six-inch height after saving the day in several different worlds and narratives. Check out the DC Comics Designer Series Teen Titans Earth One Starfire, crafted specially for the most particular of collectors by creative Terry Dodson. Starfire has been around for a hot minute (since 1980, to be precise), and she was ranked 20th in Comics Buyer’s Guide’s “100 Sexiest Women in Comics” list.

But what’s more important are her crucial roles in everything from the Rann-Thanagar Holy War to the Lady Styx disease outbreak, duh. *Nicki Minaj voice* Starfire is meant to fly. Grab her likeness by stabbing the image below with that thing you humans call a “cursor”.


Bishoujo series aims to wow with new Starfire statue

Continuing the much-lauded collaboration between DC Comics and Japanese toymakers Kotobukiya is their next bishoujo or “beautiful young girl” statue, Starfire! Standing nine inches tall, she is shown with picturesque tendrils of flaming hair gently framing her curvaceous appearance.

She perches atop a craggy rock which contrasts gorgeously with her shapely legs, clad in metallic blue thigh-high boots. They really pulled out all the stops with this one, and if a PG-rated statue with innuendo is what you’re looking for, this Starfire mold is your jam.

This is what we all look like casually lounging on cliff faces. Right?

This is what we all look like casually lounging on cliff faces. Right?