232-Piece Star Wars Lego Set: Hyena Droid Bomber

Switching between walker, bomber and attack modes, the Hyena Droid is a powerful multi-purpose weapon for the Separatists as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Features four dropping bombs and three all-new rocket battle droid minifigures.

* Pivot the wings for flying and walking positions!
* Includes 3 new droid minifigures with special jet packs!
* Measures 10″ (25cm) wide by 8″ (20cm) long!

So goes the description on this new LEGO Star Wars piece. If you’ve got a lot of patience and a lot of skill, you can try your hand at building this 232-piece hyena droid and go after the Republic in a vehicle of your own construction.

According to reviews, however, this is a figure meant for the older set: for kids, it’s not exactly a rough-and-tumble figure and the wings are known to be a little delicate (some even say ‘flimsy’!), which suggests it’s destined for display rather than play. Of course, if you or your child is the kind of person who takes some enjoyment from rebuilding any crashed ships, then I would say that this is definitely a good one on which to hone your skills! Enjoy!