LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 7958

Finally, Lego listen to the fans and released the Star Wars Advent Calendar (#7958) for this Christmas Season.     There isn’t much very Christmas about this set. It is essentially 24 different little Star Wars figures or vehicles. The most Christmas in here is a Yoda dressed up like Santa (good have you been?). On the other hand, the play and repeat play value of this set is fantastic. All those little figures can fight and make all kinds of really cool noises (you know the kind from your mouth, bzzzzzz, pew pew, bam – there are no electronics that make noise).

The box is the same size as previous years. The cardboard is not very rugged; it’s pretty standard Lego box issue. I’ve posted some pictures of the box and tray. It’s possible some of the doors will get torn when opening them. I imagine if somebody was really careful, they could put the toys back and save it for next year. But then they’d miss out on a year of playing with the toys.  Every Lego Maniac will love this calendar.  I am happy.

If you’re interested, here are the contents of this set (if you’re just collecting minifigs or whatever):

Figures Edit
Pilot Battle Droid
Clone Pilot
Yoda (Santa Suit)
Nute Gunray
Zev Senesca
Mouse Droid
TIE Pilot
Vehicles Edit
Republic Gunship
TIE Fighter
Boba Fett’s Slave I
Millennium Falcon
Imperial Shuttle
Homing Spider Droid
Republic Cruiser
Objects Edit
Tools rack
Weapons rack
Christmas tree
Mechano Chair

Star Wars Lego: Separatists’ Shuttle #8036

The Separatist shuttle transports Nute Gunray to conquer, loot and battle on planets all across the galaxy! With a droid pilot and two battle droid bodyguards to carry out his orders, the Viceroy of the Trade Federation plans to recruit Onaconda Farr to the Separatist side – whether the Rodian senator likes it or not! Shuttle features movable landing gear, opening cockpit and sliding passenger compartment hatch.

Besides having one of the best names in the movies, Nute Gunray also boasts some of the strangest character design of the speaking roles.


In this figure set, he is joined by Onaconda Farr, a droid pilot, and 2 battle droids to bring you one of the coolest-looking of LEGO’s Star Wars items. The item boasts an opening cock-pit and retractable landing gear (which, yes, you will be building) as well as a secret Nute-concealing back hatch and is comprised of 257 pieces, meaning you’ll have a good time building it without dissolving into the madness that surely awaits the 800+ piece collections.

The separatists’ shuttle set is available now and reviews are generally favourable, saying that the design is a good one and the difficulties of putting it together are relatively few! A great choice for older Star Wars aficionados or their kids.

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Lego: Star Wars Snow Trooper Army Battle Pack #8084

The Star Wars Snow Trooper Army Pack is the latest addition to our growing LEGO collection and probably the coolest–at least in terms of temperature. (sorry) The frigid terrain is no match for the cruel determination of the Empire and so its soldiers have been outfitted in cold-resistant outfits and take to the wastes for battle!

Released to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Empire Strikes Back, the LEGO set includes a battle station, an Imperial Speeder Bike, 2 Snowtroopers, an AT-AT Driver and an Imperial Officer!

* Battle station armed with rotating flick missile firing gun!
* Speeder bike measures over 5″ (12cm) long!
* Battle Station measures over 3″ (10cm) long!

Star Wars and LEGO fans will definitely want to snag this one while it’s still available! Head over to our Lego Star Wars section to take a look at the whole line, or click below to grab yours now!

Lego Star Wars Clone Walker Battle Pack 8014

Lego Star Wars 8014 Clone Walker Battle Pack features the Clone troopers in Phase I armor. The detail on the top of the gunner’s helmet is outstanding, with a great mixture of mustard and dark green. The grey arms also look cool. If you fit it with the new black ARC gear, which is fantastic and much better than the grey gear of 2008, the gunner looks even better! The eyes are now looking sideways, which looks much more exciting than the “straight ahead” look.

Overall, this set is pretty good. It is a great armybuilder, the gunner looks great, the black ARC gear looks brilliant, and if you don’t want too many walkers, you can use the rare pieces to build something else! However, the walker is difficult to move.

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