Captain Picard Star Trek Figure

Captain Picard Star Trek Figure


Sculpted by Patrick Pigott! The all-new Star Trek Select line is boldly going forward, and leaving the 23rd century behind! The next figure to get the deluxe, 7-inch treatment from DST is Captain Jean-Luc Picard, from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Striking an attack pose atop a detailed Borg battle scene display base, this figure will feature limited articulation as well as exacting sculpt and paint. Figure comes in display-ready Select packaging, with shelf reference panel.

Scheduled Release Date: June 2014


Star Trek Original Series Action Figures

Star Trek into Darkness Movie logo

Finally watched the New Star Trek: Into Darkness movie this weekend and I enjoyed it.  I am a big fan of the original series and I like this second installment of  Star Trek reboot.   The only thing I didn’t like was the portrayal of Chekov.  I didn’t care for the actor and the way the movie portrayed Chekov.   Scotty and Bones were great.  I even liked the guy from Harold and Kumar who played Sulu.    I noticed that we just got in a new product line from Diamond Select based on the original characters of Star Trek.  There are two different figures released so far: Captain Kirk and Mr Spock.  They are about 7 inches tall and are done quite well.   Check out what else we carry from the Star Trek franchise in action figures by clicking the image below (oh, we also have a bunch of phasers and communicators which we sell a ton of at conventions….gotta love those Trekkies).

Mr Spock Star Trek Select Figure


From QMX comes this awesome replica of a classic Star Trek communicator, based on its look in Star Trek : The Next Generation. Crafted from one of the only remaining sets of original molds (itself painstakingly restored in-house), it’s also painted based on an original screen-used badge and rendered in gold- and silver-finished metal. Best of all, it uses strong, short-field magnets to stick on, meaning you don’t have to put any holes in your screen-accurate outfit!


From Diamond Select, here’s an awesome addition to your Klingon cosplay: a Klingon Disruptor! This is from the company that brought you screen-accurate phasers, tricorder and communicators, so you know it’s going to be rad.

A legendary weapon from the Klingon Empire, its electronic lights and sounds will be the perfect complement to your costume– or just make a great conversation piece for your display case!

The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D

With sounds and lights taken directly from Star Trek : The Next Generation, this 17-inch Enterprise replica captures every detail of the Galaxy Class starship. Trekkies and Trekkers alike should be quick to snag this one and relive a bit of their beloved franchise’s glorious past– before Into Darkness takes us to its glorious future.

Star Trek: Communicator and Tricorder Combo

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you can now get your hands on this combo pack featuring both the classic Communicator and Tricorder, meaning that you’ll be ready for anything next time you’re exploring an unknown planet’s treacherous surface.

Especially useful for cosplayers who need a little extra help in the accessory department, the designs are based on the original series and both the communicator and the tricorder feature authentic lights and sounds.