From Diamond Select, here’s an awesome addition to your Klingon cosplay: a Klingon Disruptor! This is from the company that brought you screen-accurate phasers, tricorder and communicators, so you know it’s going to be rad.

A legendary weapon from the Klingon Empire, its electronic lights and sounds will be the perfect complement to your costume– or just make a great conversation piece for your display case!

The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D

With sounds and lights taken directly from Star Trek : The Next Generation, this 17-inch Enterprise replica captures every detail of the Galaxy Class starship. Trekkies and Trekkers alike should be quick to snag this one and relive a bit of their beloved franchise’s glorious past– before Into Darkness takes us to its glorious future.

Star Trek: Communicator and Tricorder Combo

If you’re a Star Trek fan, you can now get your hands on this combo pack featuring both the classic Communicator and Tricorder, meaning that you’ll be ready for anything next time you’re exploring an unknown planet’s treacherous surface.

Especially useful for cosplayers who need a little extra help in the accessory department, the designs are based on the original series and both the communicator and the tricorder feature authentic lights and sounds.

Star Trek : Plush Enterprise

Sure, lots of people enjoy the characters of the Star Trek universe: Kirk, Picard, Uhura, Data, Sisko, the list is endless and their fans number many. But there are those who prefer something a little more consistent, a steadfast element that has followed the crew through all of its incarnations: The Enterprise.

And if you’re one of those people, then you’ll be happy to know that you can now profess your love through the starship with cuddles. Check it out:

For ages 3 and up and for Trekkers(!) of any age
Squeeze it and the photon torpedoes fire thrice
Red LEDs blink on the nacelles
Officially licensed Star Trek collectible
Dimensions: approx. 13″ long, 6″ across (saucer section)


Now this–this–is an awesome figure.

From Diamond Select and sculpted by the brilliant Art Asylum, here’s a brand new figure that makes up part of a highly collector-friendly action figure line. Featuring a cave and a Horta alien (from “Devil in the Dark”), this 7-incher features incredible detail, an amazing paintjob and enough articulation to satisfy those who like to put some action into their displays.


Well, this is great news. We were already pretty pumped about the upcoming sequel to 2009’s STAR TREK, but Namco Bandai has just announced a video game that will bridge the gap between the 2009 and 2013 films. Here’s the story from Tecca:

The idea of a video game based on the classic sci-fi series Star Trek is nothing new; In fact, they’ve been produced since the early 1970s. What makes the new Star Trek game from Namco Bandai — due on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in early 2013 — different is its third-person shooter gameplay and, as we saw during a theater presentation at E3 2012, its two-player cooperative aspect.

Away team
In this game based on director J.J. Abrams’ 2009 cinematic reboot of the franchise, you’ll have the chance to play as U.S.S. Enterprise captain James T. Kirk and his first officer, Mr. Spock. The deadpan Vulcan joins in when you play the game with a friend, and assists Kirk in unique ways, such as scanning for enemies through walls with his Tricorder and using the device to determine the weak points on alien foes.

In the demo we saw, Spock relies on taking down enemies using moves like his Vulcan nerve pinch and can reveal details about the story by mind melding with other characters. Kirk, on the other hand, is every bit the gung-ho, phasers-blazing type seen in the film. The interactions between the two characters in the game really echo their rapport in the movie, too, with Spock serving as the deadpan foil to Kirk’s wisecracking. This is helped by the fact that Kirk and Spock are voiced by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto from the films, respectively, with the rest of the core movie cast reprising their roles as well.

Strange new worlds
The E3 demonstration of Star Trek unfolded on New Vulcan, home to the fledgling Vulcan race following the destruction of their home world in the 2009 film. The Enterprise is sent to investigate a loss of contact with the colony, beaming Kirk and his first officer down to see what’s become of the settlers.

It wasn’t long before we found out they’d been attacked by the Gorn — lizard-like aliens first seen in the first season of the original Star Trek series in 1966. Far more fierce and animalistic than their TV counterparts, these beasts put up an intense fight against the two Starfleet officers, forcing Kirk and Spock to make ample use of cover and tactics such as diving behind pillars to avoid charging Gorn. More than once, the developers controlling Kirk and Spock had to come to each others aid, whether it was shooting a Gorn to free their comrade, or grabbing them before they plunged to their death.

Set phasers to stun
Not only does the game capture the look of the film and its 2013 sequel extremely well — the story’s supposed to fill in the gap between the movies, too — but it also manages to sound just like them. From the music to the sounds of the transporter, communicators, and weapons, the game’s audio is already one of its stand out qualities.

Beam us up
So far, we’re impressed by the sheer Star Trek-ness of it all, from the sights and sounds to the interactions between beloved characters, like Kirk’s banter with Scotty over his communicator during the mission — complete with pleas to beam Spock and himself up as the Gorn utterly overwhelm them. The demo ended with Kirk directing the Enterprise to launch photon torpedoes at their foes from orbit, resulting in a fittingly explosive end for what had been a surprisingly thrilling presentation. We’re looking forward to seeing more of Star Trek as its spring 2013 release draws closer.

Naturally, while we wait yet another seemingly-endless span of months for this to come out, we’ve got a couple things for fans of the franchise to enjoy. Check out our Star Trek section for some awesome figures from the shows and the film!

Star Trek Apartment Flat is for Sale

Star Trek Enterprise Flat Apartment

He boldly went where no man had gone before — only to be beamed cruelly back down to Earth.

A British Star Trek fanatic embarked on his own continuing mission — transforming his apartment into an exact recreation of the interior of the Starship Enterprise over the past 10 years.

But a court ruled that 58-year-old Tony Alleyne’s ex-wife, Georgina, has the right to sell the apartment, The Sun newspaper in London reported.

Tony Alleyne, a nightclub DJ , has been living in the one-bedroom railroad flat in Hinckley, Leicestershire, since the couple split in 1994.

The apartment has been decked out with a working flashing computer console that would make Captain Picard proud. It also boasts “transporters” that don’t actually teleport, but do look cool.

“To say I’m gutted is an understatement,” Tony Alleyne, told the newspaper. “It is my life’s work — and it looks like it’s going into a skip. I admit there were tears.”

He says it would cost him roughly him roughly $150,000 to rebuild his masterpiece in another apartment.

Georgina Alleyne, however, denies she is a heartless Klingon. The 52-year-old told the newspaper she has paid the mortgage out of her own pocket since the couple’s separation and just wants “to sell it as conventional property.”

Star Trek Enterprise Flat Apartment

Star Trek Enterprise Flat Apartment

Star Trek Enterprise Flat Apartment

This apartment needs some protection in case there is a home invasion.   Can’t have a gun, that would be nonsense!  We got the perfect solution…check it out:

Star Trek Communicator and Phaser

STAR TREK: The Original Phaser

This could be YOU!

Maybe you don’t have the snazzy uniform (or maybe you do), but you can now get that sweet phaser for your very own! Diamond has now created a life-size replica of the phaser that you can use to tackle any manner of alien menace that should come your way. Also good if your crew gets out of line.

This item is a brilliant collectible for any Trekkie or Trekker and also works very well as a perfectly-rendered prop for any ST cosplayer.