If you were a fan of the BLACKEST NIGHT story arc over in the DC Universe, then you’ll definitely want to get your hands on this 4-figure box set of 6.75-inch figures. Packaged with the figures is a 48-page trade paper back, BLACKEST NIGHT SPECIAL EDITION #1, featuring GREEN LANTERN #40 and #41 by Geoff Johns, Philip Tan and Eddy Barrows and BOOSTER GOLD #27.

In this set, you’ll find Indigo Munnk, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Black Lantern Blue Beetle and Star Sapphire Fatality! It’s a pre-order and if you want to snag it now, you can expect it to head your way in November!


Feast your eyes upon a Lantern-heavy edition of DC Direct’s DC UNIVERSE line. The 17th series includes a ton of classic heroes and villains in togs a little different than you’re used to!

Star Sapphire Wonder Woman, Orange Lantern Lex Luthor, White and Black Lantern Hal Jordan, Indigo Tribe Atom, Sinestro Corps Scarecrow (no surprises, there) and Blue Lantern Flash make up the series and you can get them together or individually. If you do collect them all, however, you can build ANTI-MONITOR as the oversized Build-a-Figure and that’s always a plus with these lines. We’re still waiting on the Hals, but if you order now, you can expect them in July!

Green Lantern Classic: SERIES 2

Sodam Yat, Nautkeiloi and Medphyll, Star Sapphire, Dex – Desportellis -B’dg, Skallox & Night-Lik and G-Hu, plus Build-A-Figure STEL make up the newly-arrived second series of GREEN LANTERN CLASSIC figures, a real treat for any DC comics fans.

Each character stands about 6 inches tall and features the excellent sculpting that DC has made their signature after a great few years of very impressive toy lines. Naturally, these figures can also be purchased individually if you’d prefer to pick and choose, so if you’ve got a soft spot for anyone in this collection, that might be the option for you!

Of course, fans will also want to keep an eye out for the upcoming figures based on the Green Lantern film. Click below to get an idea of the selection and we’ll keep you informed with specs and pics the moment we get ’em!

Green Lantern: BLACKEST NIGHT Series 6

The sixth Series of DC Direct’s 6-inch BLACKEST NIGHT figures has arrived and is ready to be snagged, either a individual items or as a full set of four. They’re a high-quality, brilliantly-sculpted collection and, together, they create the complete Blackest Night universe and all the Lantern Corps’ that created it. Check out Black Lantern Hawkgirl, Blue Lantern Flash, Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Star Sapphire Wonder Woman!

And if you’re a big Green Lantern fan, the good news doesn’t stop there! We’ve also just gotten the DC Universe Green Lantern Series 1 in-stock, featuring six awesome figures and a larger-than-life Build-a-Figure to boot. Here’s a look at Kyle Rayner, Sinestro Corps Mongul, Black Hand, Manhunter Robot, Sinestro Corps Low & Maash and Black Lantern Abin Sur! Note, however, that Manhunter Robot might not be available for the first couple weeks, but we’ll be shipping him out the moment he arrives!


Two new figures have just joined the Ame-Comi PVC figure collection and they’re adding a bit of Green Lantern-verse appeal to the line!

STAR SAPPHIRE, Hal Jordan’s longtime love and a superhero in her own right, capable of some pretty incredible things as she uses love, desire and her own brand of awesome to take on any challengers. As Queen of the Zamaronians, she and hers bring a lighter touch to the world of the Lantern Corps.–that is, when she isn’t kicking butt and taking names.

And if you’re a GL fan, then check out JADE, daughter of Alan Scott and lady love of Kyle Rayner, she’s a gorgeous girl who, in this Ame-Comi rendering, seems to be making her own fun.

Jade jams! With a groovy beat and far-out clothes, the daughter of Alan Scott charges the music with a little bit of Emerald Energy.