AKUMA is the latest Street Fighter to join the action figure pantheon. A big, brutal fighter with the kind of face tattoos you usually see on the baddest boxers. He comes with alternate hands and an alternate head, depending on whether you want him “angry” or “insanely angry” (we suggest the latter).

At about 8 inches tall, he’s proportioned to take on the other figures in the Street Fighter Collection–especially those shrimpy little 3.75-inchers. Grab him now~!

Metal Gear Solid – CYBORG NINJA

The new CYBORG NINJA FIGURE from the Play Arts KAI Series is a fantastic combination of both Cyborg and Ninja–and does a pretty solid job of bringing to your collection the sheer awesomeness that is the Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Imported from Japan, this Square Enix MGS figure stands about 10” tall and features some absolutely amazing attention to detail, more points of articulation and additional parts. Honestly, the Play Arts series are the ones you want to snag if you’re looking for a figure that’ll look as good in another decade as it does now. Collectors, this is the one.