Denis Leary to Join Spider-Man Reboot

Article by Borys Kit from The Hollywood Reporter

Denis Leary in New Spider-Man MovieDenis Leary is in negotiations to play the father of Emma Stone in Columbia’s new Spider-Man movie.

Stone is playing the love interest of Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) and Leary will play police captain George Stacy, her father who frequently came into contact with the web-slinging superhero.

In Marvel Comics lore, Stacy perished in an accident during a battle between Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus, an event that led Gwen Stacy to hate the hero.

Columbia and director Marc Webb are keeping the James Vanderbilt and Alvin Sargent-penned script under lock and key so it’s uncertain how faithful to the core story Leary’s version of the character will be.

Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach and Laura Ziskin are producing the movie, which begins shooting in December.

WME-repped Leary hasn’t appeared in a theatrical movie since 2002’s The Secret Lives of Dentists, although he has been starring in the acclaimed drama Rescue Me since 2004. He appeared in HBO’s Recount and has continued to voice the character of Diego the sabertooth in the Ice Age movies.

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Spider-Man 4 might write off Kirsten Dunst?

Kirsten Dunst aka Mary Jane WatsonSpider-Man 4 is at a production stoppage due to creative differences between Sony Pictures and the writers and director, Sam Raimi. Now, according to Starpulse, Kirsten Dunsts’ Mary-Jane might very well be written out of Peter Parker’s life in the 4th instalment of the franchise. Anti-Dunst-as-Mary-Jane fans can have a merrier Christmas with this report. But those fans should not get too joyful yet, nothing is confirmed.

One complaint many fans have about the Spider-Man film franchise since it began is Kirsten Dunst playing Mary-Jane Watson. Some fans like her, others hate her. That is more of a subjective view than anything else.

Who will take up the role of Peter Parker’s love interest after MJ is gone? They say that Anne Hathaway is in talks to play Felecia Hardy, the Black Cat. It seems as though Anne’s character will be set up to be the female lead of the franchise after Dunst is done.

None of this is official and we very well could be seeing Dunst as Mary-Jane for many sequels to come. Until we get official word that the film will resume production, any news concerning the direction they will take with the franchise should be taken with a grain of salt. Until further notice then.

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