Marvel Legends BAF Space Venom is here

At long last, this highly awaited wave of figures is about to hit your collection. Take a look at the Marvel Legends Build A Figure Space Venom, a mini-collection of six hot new figures sure to revamp your toy horde.

Choose from Ashley Barton Spider-Woman, Electro, Hobgoblin, Miles Morales Spider-Man, Silk and Ultimate Spider-Man Peter Parker. Better yet, grab all six and take advantage of our package deal. Click on the image below to add them to your cart!


Sideshow Premium Format Spider-Woman swoops in to perfect your Marvel collection!

Marvel’s had a pretty incredible summer, and so naturally Sideshow Collectibles has amped up the volume to keep everything rolling right along. Take a look at this novel statue, a brand-new installation in the Premium Format series, featuring none other than Spider-Woman!┬áThe arachnid lady-hero stands a grandiose 19 inches tall, sure to become a highlighting fixture of the true Marvel collector’s hoard.

Flying about from city-block rooftop to skyscraper wall, she’s an essential member of the Avengers team. Rendered in 1/4 scale for realism and accuracy, this statue is definitely a treat. She is clad in a red-and-yellow suit, hand-painted in painstaking detail. Top it all off with an Avengers-themed display base and you’ve got yourself a new collectors’ piece that you can’t dare miss out on.



Marvel Legends Infinite Spider-Man wave three: Build your own Hobgoblin!

That’s right, pals! What was an exclusive preorder is now available to own. From Marvel and Hasbro come Classic Spider-Man, Mae Parker Spider-Girl, Spider-Man 2099, the Ultimate Spider-Woman, Anti-Venom and Daredevil. Get on these rad figures quicker than a fat kid on an M&M. (I’m talking about myself, obviously.)

And of course, the crowning feature of this delectable set of collectibles is the magnificent Hobgoblin you can build from them with your own lil’ paws. Check ’em out below — aren’t they positively nifty?

Married to the Mobgoblin. Inside Jobgoblin. Corn on the Cobgoblin.

Married to the Mobgoblin. Inside Jobgoblin. Corn on the Cobgoblin.

Build a giant Thanos when you collect wave two of the Marvel Legends Infinite Avengers!

At last, our loves have come along. We were biting our nails waiting for this killer wave of new Marvel Legends figures based on the Avengers, and now they can finally make their way into our paws — and yours! Six-inch versions of Age of Ultron Captain America, Age of Ultron Iron Man Mark 43, Age of Ultron Hulk, Spider-Woman, Helicat and Batroc are up for grabs here, with the ultimate prize to be assembled. That prize, of course, is the formidable Thanos, resplendent in a costume of gold and obsidian.

You really can’t sleep on these guys if you’re truly stoked on the Marvel Legends lines, and no collection can be totally complete without them. So get on over to and order ’em up! And if you grab all six together, you won’t miss out on our irresistible package deal, featuring a special, discounted price. Let’s go.

Thanos x Migos is our fantasy "-os" music collab.

Thanos x Migos is our fantasy “-os” music collab.

More exclusive pre-orders in collaboration with Marvel Legends Infinite

The toy powers that be have looked upon us in favor. Coming in the third quarter of 2015 is the second wave of the Marvel Legends Infinite six-inch series. The Build-A-Figure character here is Thanos, complete with signature black-and-gold garb. We will be getting our hands on Age of Ultron Captain America, Age of Ultron Iron Man Mark 43, Age of Ultron Hulk, Spider-Woman, Helicat and Batroc. And you can, too! All six of these figures are packaged together as shown below, and combine that with our special pre-order price offer and you can save, save, save!

Seventh wheel?

Seventh wheel?

And we’re keepin’ ’em coming. The third wave of the Spider-Man themed Marvel Legends Infinite series, with a Build-A-Figure Hobgoblin, will be arriving next month.┬áRemember not to miss out on the lowered pre-order price by placing your order now!

Good things come in sixes.

Good things come in sixes.


SPIDER-WOMAN is the latest addition to the Marvel Select collection of 7- and 8-inch figures. Standing on a brilliantly-rendered base featuring three H.Y.D.R.A. agents, she’s easily one of the most impressive figures to come out of this still-growing collection. Spider-Woman, aka Jessica Drew, stands about 7 inches tall and features a ton of articulation to allow for the type of awesome posing her character demands. Grab it now!

MARVEL UNIVERSE 3.75-Inch Figures: 2010 and 2011 Sets!

We’ve now gotten two brand new sets of Marvel Universe 3.75 figures in-stock and ready to ship out! Here’s a look at both:

Marvel Universe 2010 Wave 6 is the final group of figures from the last year, capping off the 2010 collection with five of Marvel’s finest.

Dark Avengers’ Hawkeye, Constrictor, Yellow Jacket (with mini Antman), Iron Man 2020 and the monstrous Thanos make up the sixth wave and you can grab them as individual figures or a complete set of five (the set boasts a savings of $21.80!).

And as we step into the new year, we can also welcome the first wave of 2011, featuring six figures:

World War Hulk, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man 2099, Captain Marvel, Doc Samson and Modular Armor Iron Man arrive, again available individually if you’ve got a few faves among them or as a set (for a savings of $10.95). They’re a great way to ring in the new year!