Amazing Spider-Man New Movie Trailer #3 HD

Andrew Garfield looks an excellent fit for Peter Parker, while Emma Stone is always popular and Rhys Ifans seems to be having fun as Curt Connors/ The Lizard. Director Marc Webb looks to have woven a decent story, even if the whole thing does look a little CGI-happy. There are a couple of exciting action beats in here, as well as some nice exchanges between the leads. Garfield also gets to crack wise a little, giving us hope that this incarnation might well have fun on the agenda.

The Amazing Spider-Man is out on July 3rd, and also stars Sally Field, Martin Sheen, Denis Leary, C Thomas Howell, Irrfan Khan and Chris Zylka.

The Amazing Spider-Man New Trailer 2 Official 2012 in HD

Spiderman Movie 2012 Reboot

I enjoyed the Toby Maguire Spider-Man series of films but I think we can all agree that they had some pretty terrible moments, particularly the third film. When I heard they were going to make a fourth with the same actors I wanted to tell them to give it a rest but Hollywood and character rights being what they are, they decided to move ahead, only to change direction and reboot the series instead.   The trailer looks incredibly dark. Not Batman Begins dark, more like they needed a bigger budget for lighting dark. Hopefully it won’t be so shady in theaters.

Power Charge Rhino Figure from Spiderman