HALO – Gold Spartan

A decade ago, Bungie Software and Microsoft teamed up to bring gamers the next generation of first-person shooters – Halo: Combat Evolved for the nascent Xbox system. Humanity’s super soldier, Master Chief, battled the genocidal alien Covenant on a remarkable artifact in the depths of space, and a video game legend was born. Square Enix brings the popular character Master Chief to life as part of their new Halo Play Arts ~Kai~ action figure line.

A PREVIEWS Exclusive and a Square Enix import, this GOLD, 9-inch Spartan figure is one that’s sure to please HALO fans. The sculpt is taken directly from the game’s CGI files, so you can expect to see some pretty amazing details on this thing– not that you’d expect anything else from the Kai series.

HALO and MASS EFFECT : Brand New Figures!

Two of the most incredible sci-fi franchises in recent history have just released new figures and they look just stunning. Here’s a peek!

The New Halo: Reach figures join an already massive collection of 6-inchers, sold as individual packs, two-packs and complete series sets. The third series of toys from the one- and two-packs include Spartan Air Assault, Jetpack Trooper, UNSC Support staff and fan-favourite Jun, plus a ton of others. They’re from McFarlane, so you can definitely expect to be impressed by the sculpting, paint-work and general attention to detail that usually makes their toys a cut above.

Grunt, Shepard, Tali and Thane can now be purchased as 6-inch MASS EFFECT figures from the folks at DC Direct, whose video game figures keep getting better and better. As per usual, you can grab these guys individually or as a complete set and look forward to future series’ as more Mass Effect games are made and the fandom grows!


What do a Ringmaster, a Spartan, a Lifeguard, a Witch, a Pop Star, a Weightlifter, a Jungle Explorer, a Surfer, a Karate Kid, an Egyptian, a Mime, a Skier, Dracula, a Mexican and Dracula all have in common?

Well, it’s simple. They’re all part of the second series of Lego Minifigures!

The Lego Minifigures take all the cute little Lego Figures you know and love and turn them into real characters you can snag on their own, now, instead of only finding them in the construction kits. Each one is about two inches tall, some come with accessories and they make a great addition to the collection of any fan seeking an even more customiseable addition to their Lego people and places.

They join the first series (which included the Magician, Circus Clown, Super Wrestler, Ninja, Spaceman and more!) over in our LEGO Minifigures collection! Check ’em out!

HALO 3 Kubricks MASTER CHIEF 4 Figure LEGO Boxed set

Surprisingly one of our top selling mini figures this season is:

HALO 3 Kubricks MASTER CHIEF 4 Figure LEGO Boxed set

This set of Kubrick mini figures measures 2 inch each.  The set consist of 4 different Halo figures.   We still have a good supply of these left in stock.  You can pick them up online at www.cmdstore.com

New Halo Figures from McFarlane

Here’s a look at three brand new items being added to our growing collection of McFarlane Halo action figures and collectibles. They’ve just come in and look awesome, so be sure to check ’em out!

This pack of two 6-inch action figures features not only a red Elite Combat and a Blue Mark VI, but also some game-accurate weaponry and all the amazing sculpting and detail you’ve come to expect from McFarlane Toys. The pack also boasts 52 moving parts!

Big fan of the Red Scouts? This pack boasts a red Spartan Scout base body with CQB, ODST and EVA armor sets you can add on, plus weapons like dual SMGs, a frag grenade and assault rifle. Definitely a great starter kit for a collection, or a showpiece for fans.


There are a ton of new figures in the fifth series from McFarlane. Called the “Equipment Edition”, it features more weapons and armor than the previous lines and more variations on the game’s brilliantly designed characters.

Halo 3 Series 4 Action Figure

Direct from McFarlane Toys, the newest release has hit our shelves: Halo 3 toys based on the most popular xBox video game ever.  This set features 5 different figures (you can click the links to get a better look at these babies).

Master Chief
Arbiter – Active Camo
Elite Combat – Tan
Spartan Soldier EOD – Red
Spartan Soldier Security – Olive

halo 3 series 4 action figures