Kingdom Hearts’ King Mickey and Christmastown Sora Figures

Imported from Japan, we’re proud to announce that we’ve set up the pre-order pages for two brand new additions to our existing collection of Kingdom Hearts figures. Shipping in a few months, you can now get your very own Christmastown Sora (see below) and King Mickey, both from the folks at Square Enix’s Play Arts manufacturers.

Both the figures are about 7 inches tall (as in, their line is seven inches give or take a few on individual figures) and the models are brilliant, taken directly from the designs in the game. Fans of the series will definitely enjoy ’em.

New Kingdom Hearts Pre-Orders!

Shipping later this month, you can now pre-order the next wave of Kingdom Hearts toys from Square-Enix and Formation Arts. Unlike previous waves, this one doesn’t feature articulated figures, instead creating statues with bases that capture not only a particular character, but items and decor that bring to the pieces the mood of the game.

This series unites Sora, Minnie Mouse and fan favourite Jack Sparrow, who lounges atop a treasure chest. They look great on display and make a very cool addition to any player’s toy shelf. They can be purchased individually or as a set of three (for a savings of $5.90). Check ’em out!